Where Can I Talk With Medical Professional Online About Drug Addiction Treatments?

Question by Amanda C: Where can I talk with medical professional online about drug addiction treatments?
Need help choosing the right treatment for opiate dependancy for a loved one. I have looked into many treatments and don’t know which way to go? They have tryed some treatments in the past and have failed. Is there any thing that can help them get their life back with out extreme pain and suffering?

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Answer by gold dust
try hypnosis

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Drug Addiction Treatment (Part 2) – This is a story about Mario and his mom who was treated after a month into a Drug Rehab Center for drug addiction treatment by Dr. Mohammad, certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. For more information, you can visit www.malibuhorizon.com – a California Drug Rehab.


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New docs on the block

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Both have backgrounds in general psychiatry, but one—Dr. Scott Nichols, the medical director—specializes in treating patients with terminal illnesses and the other—Dr. Asad Amir—specializes in treating patients with alcohol and drug addictions. “I …
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  • CuriousT says:


    Rapid Detox: Email at any time, or call us:

    (310) 205-0808
    (888) 987-HOPE(4673)
    during business hours

    For after hours and weekends,
    please call:
    (310) 927-7155.

    I pray that God helps your loved one.

  • ^nez^ says:

    you can consult professional on some of the drug centers. If you don’t know where would that be. try to browse the net, you will find lots of treatment center there just like http://www.capobythesea.com/

  • IND3C1510N says:

    I’ve lied so many times to my parents and friends and my girl hat i was going to? stay sober and i don’t even want to get high and then find myslef shooting up the first chance i had. The addiction never goes away. You become a recovery Addict. your never cured. just remember that. Best of wishes to both of you, Keep up the good work. and keep fighting.

  • IND3C1510N says:

    You should be so proud of yourself. I’m sober for about 45 days now. i was shooting dope all day everyday.? I would pass out multiple times just to wake up, clean the blood off my arm and shoot up again. Keep it up. Mario, if she wants to leave like that, all she can think about is getting high. I’ve been there.

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