Where Can I Find Statistics on Drug Addiction and Recovery?

Question by Lena: Where can i find statistics on drug addiction and recovery?
specifically i am looking for a statistic, that essentially says what portion of drug addicts manage to overcome their addiction and live clean.

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Answer by george
statistics on drug addiction and recovery

with the above and mentioning the stae and country… make a search at GOOGLE

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Drug Abuse Statistics – The Truth – IF you do drugs, try not to get addicted… A little statistics presentation video I made for English.


SUBASE Youth “Defy” statistics and say no to drugs

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The DEFY program has been working to educate and raise awareness of drug use in the nations' youth for almost 20 years. Sosatak said, "The command has been such a great help and a wonderful support for this program. I can't say enough about how …
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Greenbrier tackles drug abuse and addiction issues

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Others attending Wednesday's forum spoke about the impact drug addiction has on the addicts' children, who have poor role models and little encouragement to get an education. Statistics show one in five pregnant women and teens in West Virginia are …
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School Drug Use: Survey Finds 17 Percent Of High School Students Drink

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Of those surveyed, 86 percent indicated they were aware their classmates were abusing substances during the day, and more than half acknowledged there was a place on or near school grounds where students periodically go to use drugs, drink and smoke …
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'Frightening' levels of drug addiction revealed in report

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Although statistics contained in the report by the Alcohol and Drugs Partnership reveal that more than 1,000 people within Perth and Kinross are described as ''problem'' users, this is still below the Tayside and Scottish average. The local authority …
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‘Frightening’ levels of drug addiction revealed in report: Although statistics contained in the report by the Al… http://t.co/CxJfqCMe – by LiquorBargain (LiquorBargain)


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New post: Drug Addiction Statistics http://t.co/ZN0Cq1iS – by eneon_rent (eneon rent)


11 Responses to Where Can I Find Statistics on Drug Addiction and Recovery?

  • Tinstaafl says:

    The website dopestats.com is an interesting site I’ve used in the past for substance abuse papers and projects.

    I don’t know if it’ll have that specific statistic, but it can’t hurt to look.

    Good luck to you.

  • Sunshine says:


    the above is the government website. it contains all sorts of information. particularly useful is their list of licensed doctors to provide services by state and city.

  • AlecXZomby says:


  • xeliosIII says:

    @CoderTuts hey man that’s cool, made this 5 years ago, i would never had guessed it would be helpful now. cheers man and best of luck with? your project

  • qita0 says:

    I don’t? know, it depends on the person.. One of my friends had severe psychosis after smoking weed.. I guess it depends on your biological, psychological etc. factors. But I wouldn’t say that it’s risk free though.

  • Shenannigan101 says:

    Sure, this video shocked me,? especially THE heroin part, but i don’t think that weed should be in here. Drugs destroy you, i agree, but weed isnt that much of à big deal! But maybe this is my opinion because I’m Dutch.

  • dpyousee says:

    actually, you really can. sugar and caffeine create those same chemical imbalances that you are talking about, though not? quite to the extent that drugs would

  • WBartok77 says:

    You can not compare food to drugs that creates chemical umbalances to your brain and nervous system. You loose self control? because drugs take control over you, you don’t control the drugs you use, they control you

  • WBartok77 says:

    . until you have lost everything, your health, your self-steem,? your family and friends, and most important of all RESPECT FOR YOURSELF. I have seen friends gone forever because at one point they have believe in the same false image that you have about drugs. why wasting your life away when you can do so much? I respect your opinion but beleive me using drugs DOES NOT WORTH IT. I bet you have never seen a person who has been using drugs in their last stageof life.

  • st0yst0y says:

    thats not really true. have you ever eaten an oreo and then put? the bag back? its called self control.

  • WBartok77 says:

    The only way you don’t get addicted is by? NOT EVEN TRYING DRUGS.

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