Where Can I Find Information for Prescription Drug Abuse?

Question by soccerplaya: where can i find information for prescription drug abuse?
hello everyone, i am doing a presentation on prescription drug abuse. I want to know where i can find good websites, books, and articles on why not to use them. i would also like to know some statistics. i have looked on Google but everything is from like 2000 or 2006. your help is greatly appreciated!

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The Abuse of Prescription Drugs / Documentary Video – The abuse of prescription drugs is quickly becoming an epidemic. They’re easy to get and simple to distribute. Gone are the days when people need to go to a seedy street corner to get high. Now, they just need to go to a medicine cabinet or visit the doctor. While many communities are just beginning to figure out how to handle this legal drug problem, anti-drug groups in Tennessee have had a head start. For years, Tennessee held the unwanted distinction as the nations top state for prescription drug abuse. That is changing, thanks to hard work and cooperation. The people from Tennessee will share their experiences during this hour-long MCTFT broadcast. There will be no expert panel discussion, just advice from the people in the field. Learn how citizens in Tennessee discovered the problem and took control. Hear from coalition leaders, law enforcement, doctors, pharmacists, insurance executives, and others. See what they did so you can bring it into your own communities. Learning Objectives: See how anti-drug groups in Tennessee discovered the prescription drug problem Find out how cooperation is making a difference Learn what law enforcement officers are seeing and how they are adapting to the new drug problems Hear how health care providers are trying to protect themselves and their patients From the public domain, courtesy of the Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (MCTFT)


New law aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse

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“Too many families in New York state have suffered the loss of a teenager or youth as a result of prescription drug abuse,” Cuomo said. “With this new law, New York state is tackling this problem head-on, and giving law enforcement and medical …
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RT @drugfreeidaho: More teens abuse prescription drugs than any illicit drug except marijuana. http://t.co/xpMtRLRi #RxDrugAbuse – by ID_RADARCenter (Idaho RADAR Center)


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Prescription Drug Abuse Community Forum and Calvert Board of Ed Seeks Advisory Committee Members.These stories and more
http://t.co/Toc5JdxJ – by CalvertBlog (Calvert County Blog)


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What are we going to do to combat prescription drug abuse in Surry County?? – by catrinamel (catrina alexander)


21 Responses to Where Can I Find Information for Prescription Drug Abuse?

  • xBrittaniKline says:

    No, not my? pills! 😮

  • SuperDelta000 says:

    Prob bets alternative to Opiates is legal Kratom which can be as strong as Vicodins? And also Weed. Its better this than synthetic opiods.

  • sallyglutz says:

    I do have to say something….there are Dr’s, hospitals that won’t give ANYTHING to ANYONE anymore because of the junkies who used and abused them…I have a terminal disease….in a? wheelchair….and I have a problem with Dr and Dr….because of the DA’s who abused it, so now I have to pay for it………………

  • Freshly Washed Sanchez says:

    good job and keep it up. im in recovery for hydrocodone and have been sober for over two months. please go to some sort of counseling and try NA. i had to realize my life was a mess from a jail cell and now i have to put it all back? together.

  • Freshly Washed Sanchez says:

    my advice is for anybody suffering to get to an inpatient clinic to withdrawal and get into NA as soon as possible. you? cannot do this by yourself.

  • jig dot says:

    this is America. in my? country it is hard to even get hold of working sleeping pills

  • Charles Vendetta says:

    i was on benzos before, and codeine every now and then, i accidentally overdosed on codeine and paracetamol
    i’ve? been sober now for 19 days

  • Whispering1992 says:

    I only continue to take benzodiazipines is only so avoid the longing excruciating withdrawals that last for years?

  • doobersmanster says:

    It is impossible..we can’t make destroying yourself illegal or we will lose our human souls and become automatons. I believe the answer to this question is self Government. In essence, self control that is only attained through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. A Christian ethic of self sacrifice and believing our Bodies? to be the Temple of the holy Spirit, and therefore Holy and not tobe defiled by sinful actions, is the only way to decrease drug use. I have seen it happen over and over.

  • JanaINJax says:

    Thank You. This happened in November of 2011 and we’re all still in shock. He was prescribed the xanax, but we have no idea where he got the methadone from. I hope others will take these drug interactions seriously. The wrong combination will cause respiratory depression no matter how young and healthy you are :/?

  • alindartist says:

    I agree with you One Hundred percent!?

  • alindartist says:

    many people who turn to addictions are from very abusive backgrounds. THey have been Set up to escape .. not deal with.
    It is Hugely important that we? keep those things that DO kill people out of reach.

  • alindartist says:

    your? ignorance isn’t going to Help anyone. Shame on you.

  • alindartist says:

    🙁 .. I am so sorry for your loss? .. horrible 🙁

  • alindartist says:

    addicts? don’t Use for the fun > They use because they Believe they have No other choice and because the Withdrawals are too much .. or they believe they are too much.

    It isn’t about “fun”.

  • alindartist says:

    I suffer Every day with severe pain. There are days I canNOT walk.

    I Choose not to allow them to poison me on top of mypain issues.

    This is MY LIFE > I will control what goes in? to my body. I know the choice.. I have made mine. The pain won’t kill me. The “cure” .. probably would. The “medical community” > aka big pharmacy is about Business > Making money. They don’t care about “our” health. It is “good business” for Them to convince US we are sick and they are the cure.

  • suggy1970 says:

    Many of us deal with constant and daily pain that interferes with everyday activities and makes our quality of life crap. Maybe if? the medical community spend more resources and time researching and developing medications to attack the root causes of our pain rather than meds to keep old men harder for longer, we wouldnt have these issues. I dont see how people can use vicodin for fun. It makes me feel like complete garbage.. but takes the edge off of the pain.

  • JanaINJax says:

    Methadone and Xanax killed my friend. He? was only 29 and his dad found him on the couch in his apartment. R.I.P :'(

  • dawnsunshine78 says:

    you? are correct thats very unfair, i am from the south and west Virginia at that and i am educated !! who are you to judge ?

  • rosaryfilms says:

    thank? you for watching!

  • rdo1231 says:

    Well done – thanks for this!!!!!?

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