Where Can I Find Information About Parents and Adults Talking About Teen Drug Abuse?

Question by : where can i find information about parents and adults talking about teen drug abuse?
I’m typing a paper on teen drug abuse and I’m trying to find information on what parents and adults are saying about the teen drug abuse in the community and I haven’t found what I’m looking for and was looking for some advice and help on finding information.

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Answer by AJ
Here you go.

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From Twitter:

TeenSavers hopes to tackle teen drug abuse before it’s a problem http://t.co/Hd1fVb70 – by ocmoms (OC Moms)


From Twitter:

Teens: Lawmakers discuss teen prescription drug abuse: SACRAMENTO (KGO) — California is trying to get ahead of … http://t.co/VT8hDUZQ – by suboxone_detox (Kimberly Mitchell)


From Twitter:

Lawmakers discuss teen prescription drug abuse http://t.co/XmFhrQo5 – by CyG_US_CA (CyG_US_CA)


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