What Is the Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Depression?

Question by : What is the relationship between substance abuse and depression?
A) Substance abuse can make depression worse
B) Substance abuse can lead to depression
C) Substance abuse occurs in 1/3 of all cases of depression
D) There is no relationship

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Answer by Jessi Tilton
I personally think it can be A. B. and C. But I also think that depression causes substance abuse in more cases then not.

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2 Responses to What Is the Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Depression?

  • Mariah says:

    It’s a tie between A and B. But then again there are people who substance abuse and they seem perfectly fine, they just enjoy it. But I know substance abuse can make depression worse, for example: alcohol. It is classified as a depressant because of how it affects the brain when you drink it.

  • Naguru says:

    Sorry. Exactly I don’t know. I am only getting some vague ideas, which may not be true or correct. It looks they are closely related like brothers and sisters. Please show me your text-book. I want to glance through it. I am also inquisitive to know their real relations from the text-book.

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