What Is the Difference Between Christian Drug Rehab and Others?

Question by : What is the difference between Christian drug rehab and others?

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Christian would be Bible Centered, and so would many of the others, but the others don’t have to be, and may be based on Psychology.

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Drug addicted bookstore thieves convicted

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If on probation you may not have to take a urine test; every time Christian checks in he will have to take a urine test and he has to go through court ordered drug rehabilitation. He is also doing his own in-patient program right now.” Spencer and …
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Drugs and thugs in the New Egypt [AlArabiya.net (United Arab Emirates)]

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The Freedom Drug Rehabilitation Center, where Gabr has been staying, is the largest rehab center in the Middle East, with 120 beds and a grove of 6,000 olive trees. A nongovernment organization, it serves Christians and Muslims from all walks of life.
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Women and Pornography: Fifty Shades of the Same Old Color

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Last week I was in the Nashville airport after providing a week of human sexuality staff training at The Ranch, a rehab center that provides gender-separate residential treatment for adult sexual and romantic addictions, among other challenging …
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Lana Del Rey GQ Shoot: Singer Reveals Sordid Past (VIDEO)

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By Brittney R. Villalva , Christian Post Reporter. September … Many young stars make it into the business first, get mixed up in the wrong sort of scenes, and then somehow find themselves in rehab recovering from alcohol or drug related problems. But …
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recovery Steps in Christian Rehab Programs: Alcohol And Drug Treatment – recovery Steps in Christian Rehab Progr… http://t.co/tWRJGbwq – by teefollowme (SEO Blogger)


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10 Step Christian Rehab Program For Drug Addicts http://t.co/RHJivcpg – by Martizc75 (Marti Condict)


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  • Jono says:

    Christian drug rehab aims to rehabilitate the individual in a comprehensive manner by changing their view of the world and stressing the primacy of faith in the healing process. The philosophical basis of Christian drug rehab programs may not be well known to others healthcare providers.

  • Lakeview Health says:

    A New Life at Lakeview Health Systems is here to help you prepare yourself for your new peace. Unlike traditional treatment programs, we incorporate spiritual training with your recovery preparation. We want to help you rebuild your relationship with God, and you renew your life from drugs and alcohol.

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