What Are the Signs of Drug Abuse in a Teen?

Question by Kelly: What are the signs of drug abuse in a teen?
Does anyone know of a website i can go too?

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Answer by Mary O

usually you can tell just look in their eyes and listen to the way they talk , also they get argumentative when using different types of drugs

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Discover the 22 Crucial Signs of Drug Use in People Around Y – Are you seeing signs of drug abuse or alcohol abuse in someone close to you. If you have suspicions but are not quit certain, review my 22 signs and symptoms that someone around you is abs=using drugs or alcohol.


Governor signs anti-prescription drug abuse bill

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John Keenan, D-Quincy, say they're not expecting big costs, and that the new law will result in long-term savings on courts, jails and drug treatment programs where addicts often end up. In a letter to lawmakers, Patrick said he “strongly” supports the …
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Fall River's synthetic drug ordinance gets a push as gov. signs anti

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With Massachusetts becoming the 46th state to ban altered bath salts and synthetic marijuana and city officials seeking to strengthen their hand on the problem through an ordinance proposal, the City Council called a special meeting for Thursday night …
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Survey: "Digital peer pressure" fueling drug, alcohol use in high school students

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In its 17th annual back-to-school survey, The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASAColumbia) finds that 17 percent of high school students – about 2.8 million U.S. teens – drink, drug and smoke during the school …
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Signs of teen alcohol and drug abuse… http://t.co/jPuDqNoR – by teen2ndchances (Teen 2nd Chances)


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While there were no signs of drug abuse, Junior Seau ‘s toxicology report showed a drug used to indu #youngsocialites http://t.co/3tXwe4Kj – by Socialites_NYC (Young Socialites Ent)


From Twitter:

While there were no signs of drug abuse, Junior Seau ‘s toxicology report showed a drug used to indu #youngsocialites http://t.co/PNVj2YYm – by YoungSocialite_ (Young Socialites Ent)


15 Responses to What Are the Signs of Drug Abuse in a Teen?

  • martin h says:

    The biggest sign of drug abuse with teens is the same behavior in the parents. If the parents have done it or are doing it, the teen is almost certain to do it.

  • sunflare63 says:

    the signs would be—they cannot motivate themselves or is that the hormone thing.
    Anyway….here is a site…http://www.drugabuse.com

  • Critter Lady says:

    Lethargy (tired all the time, not having any motivation) is probably the NUMBER ONE SIGN.

    Being argumentative, drop in grades at school, and a host of other not so subtle problems seem to develop. The below site might help.

  • look behind you says:

    no but i can tell you from personal experience. i generally spent most of my time away from home, and when i was at home, i avoided my dad. try searching the bedroom. one of my favorite places to hide stuff in was a book that i cut the middle of the pages out of. you have to look EVERYWHERE. you could also do a drug test, but that has a way of causing a lot of mistrust towards you.

  • inuyasha_1969 says:

    red eyes also the behavor his is withdrown, the grads are down. he is all way angery. try teen drugs.com. or drug abuse.com or .org.

  • KivrinAngel says:

    Any of those symptoms could also be a sign of mental illness, including depression or anxiety. With? such broad symptoms listed, this information could be very dangerous. It could convince someone that their loved one is using drugs and lead to a confrontation that only deepens the actual issue. Instead of recommending an intervention, you should recommend an honest, non-judgmental conversation.

  • chrisn365 says:

    Drug users and dealers belong? in prison. Your sick life isn’t helping anyone

  • zoomskiller says:

    “you wont be aware its happenign to you”
    LMAO yeah pretty sure? you can tell.

  • myndos007 says:

    one of the dumbest things? i have ever seen

  • Numbnutsthesqurl says:

    depressing fuk?

  • greensk8termonke says:

    well? looks like ur a dumb ass

  • popstarfromhel says:

    Holy motherfucking fuck fuck? all those symptoms i have xD.
    Well im a junky anyway so i guess that makes sense…
    I’ve dropped out of school when i was 13 and started smoking weed everyday litterly everyday… later on i started mixxing it with weed and when i was 14 i started with coke mdma xtsy lsd pcp mesculine salviadivinorum psilocybin mushrooms and normal magic mushrooms.

  • CJbass420 says:

    proof weed? isnt addictive, i havent had a single one of those signs to be a drug addict you explained, LEGALIZE THE GANJA MAN!!!

  • passionatereader77 says:

    this? was helpful

  • sexyinscene says:

    who the fuck do you think you are man? i mean who the fuck are you to tell another person dont do drugs.. guess what …i’m high right now, and i’m doing just fine.. i started snorting adderall at school and after that my teachers couldnt believe how well i was doing in fact they said.. whatever youve been doing keep it up!
    heres my advice to you…. take a trip? to your local hood, and spot out a drug dealer. get some fucking pot and chill the fuck out. try it you might just like it =]

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