What ALL Are Your Options for Drug Addiction Treatment?

Question by ddti: What ALL Are Your Options for Drug Addiction Treatment?
I have a VERY close family member who is a drug addict. I myself DO NOT enable him in ANY way! Not 5 dollars, not a ride here or anything at all. But I DO have several family members who DO enable him!!! It is so frustrating that they are still enabling his addiction. My question is What all options do we have for treatment for him. He has been to 3 rehabs. I wondered if it could be treated medically???

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Answer by miss c
he has to make the decision that he wants to stop. until then he will keep using

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  • healthymind says:

    The addict usually has to hit rock bottom and WANT help for the help to work; and people enabling him is only making matters worse. 99% of the time, unless they really want help, nothing will work. Now, medically, yes there are treatments. Methadone & Suboxone. I do not recommend either. Methadone maintenance is a FOR PROFIT organization, so the don’t work to get the person off the drug (the methadone). And people become addicted to the Methadone. People can, and have died from it. Suboxone is along the same lines. I would really avoid these options if possible. Though they do have some success, I think the bad outweighs the good.

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