To Those Convicted of Drug Abuse: Did Treatment Help?

Question by lyssalove: To those convicted of drug abuse: did treatment help?
I’m doing a research project for a college class about treatment vs. Punishment (jail time) and have read many statistics but would like to know directly from people who have been convicted of drug abuse: did you undergo treatment or just go to jail? Did either benefit you, and how? In your opinion, does treatment / punishment work better?

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Answer by Jimmy Rustles
I was convicted of abusing methamphetamine a while ago. I was simply sent to jail and put in a cold cell with a chubby gentleman convicted of selling lye to children as cocaine. He would rape me repeatedly in the locker rooms while the other addicts watched. I think I really benefited from the experience because my anus has been permanently stretched far enough to suck in meth, which provides a more interesting effect.

Basically, I learned a really interesting new way to do meth from jail. I’d say it’s beneficial.

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