Substance Abuse?

Question by PipU2: Substance Abuse?
I was wondering if anyone feels like I do on this subject. The WWE is going through enough problems with substance abuse, does anyone think its a dumb idea to have Sandman on set drunk, chugging beers on T.V. with all the problems going on
Ya’ll are comparing everything to the Wife beater Austin and alleged steroid user Austin remember Austin hasn’t been there since all of this has happened anyone that couldn’t look at that guy last night and tell he was drunk has some issues. And isn’t gimmicks what has gotten WWE in trouble all this coming from a guy who wanted to use his grandchild’s child birth as a sick way of saying he was the father of the baby all for gimmick and ratings lol now IM beginning to understand why people outside of wrestling make fun of wrestling fans. You will watch anything

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Answer by Mr Perfect( rip dimebag darrell)
nope its his gimmick Sandman was the first person to drink before a match.

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27 Responses to Substance Abuse?

  • WWE_Fan_Diva (CuriousGirl) says:

    No, anyone who has half a brain should know that WWE is staged and scripted.. Sandman probably isn’t really a crazy drunk who chugs beers allover the place, and when you see him do it on TV he’s not even really drinking most of the beer because he spits it out after wards. It’s called a GIMMICK. It’s just done to entertain the fans. Stone Cold did this too and the fans loved it. Plus, Sandman IS old enough to drink and if he were drunk he wouldn’t be able to walk accross the security walls. If anyone would think that this portrays substance abuse that person obviously has a problem distinguishing entertainment on television vs reality.

  • AwesomeBill says:

    Well, the people that run WWE haven’t been compared to Einstein.

    I think it is idiotic, insensitive, and insane to allow that to be televised.

  • Benoit4life says:

    I never looked at it that way, but i think Sandman pulls off the chugging beers pretty good, the only guy to do it better was Stone Cold Steve Austin, i dont think the gimmick of Sandman drinking is a bad thing.

  • Tommy-Marie says:

    no, he’s old enough to drink so no one will say anything, plus if they could they would have steve austin drinking all over the place

  • favreforlifekmk2006 says:

    that is a good point, the wwe needs to clean itself up and having the sandman drinking on live tv is not a good start

  • 1013daniielboom says:

    The Shit!!!!?

  • CarvedInShadovvs says:

    who? are they???

  • torigob00m says:

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  • Fetusfajitaz says:

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  • Miglesias01 says:

    dope ass song atmosphere is mahh favorite? but mainly SLUG :DD

  • drandonbrinks says:

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  • iAmFreex says:

    true shit? right here

  • torigob00m says:

    You don’t have to like me bitch, ’cause I don’t really like you either.?

  • TheMTstoner says:

    if you were a true rap fan you wouldnt be hating on other rappers. atmospheres the shit but fuck man theres other shit out there thats as good you just cant be so damn narrow? minded.

  • thedoucheslayer says:

    someone? please please please get me this instrumental

  • TheWutang69 says:

    this song was in my head every day of high? school lol good times sick pimpin

  • SKlRampaGEonline says:

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  • anneXDish says:

    You see? what can happen when Atmosphere has the mic?

  • graffer420 says:

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  • reaperslights says:

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  • 4HiPPie2PoWer0 says:

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  • f2pgotdone says:

    lol i getcha no worries dude?

  • SenorPackABowl says:

    Idk i was kinda faded when? i wrote that, im sober now lol

  • f2pgotdone says:

    lol? that? made no sense cuz i said its a good ass song. wtf lol

  • SenorPackABowl says:

    I dont give a fuck if you like its still a good song? DUDE.

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