Substance Abuse Training: PowerPoint, DVD, or Web Course for Training on Substance Abuse


Substance Abuse Training: PowerPoint, DVD, or Web Course for Training on Substance Abuse – – Substance abuse training for employee or supervisors must cover key concepts. They include the different drugs of abuse (their classifications) and solid substance abuse training on alcohol. Alcohol, alcohol abuse, and alcoholism are the toughest challenges for any training program because this substance of abuse is the most confusing. Alcohol abuse has been around for thousands of years, so being able to explain it clearly so employees in substance abuse training aren’t confused, but instead, actually self-diagnose or discover facts that zap their myths and misconceptions about four distinct things: alcoholism, alcohol abuse, addiction, cause of addiction, the myth of psychological dependency or addiction, and denial, enabling, and what effective treatment includes. This program includes alcohol abuse in the workplace, and it is powerful.


NASCAR's drug policy at a glance

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I was on the sports-talk radio circuit from coast to coast Sunday and Monday, called on to answer questions about AJ Allmendinger's pre-Daytona suspension for failing a random drug test. For the most part, I was asked to address the same handful of …
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Big changes for mental health, substance abuse

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In either case, the law promises to make sweeping changes in the Arizona's healthcare system, and nowhere more so than in the treatment of mental illness and substance abuse. These changes were the topic last week of the "Town Hall" portion of the 13th …


Vets helping vets succeed

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This post-conviction Veteran's Treatment Court is designed to combine substance abuse and mental health treatment, federal benefits and services already available to veterans, and punishment for the crimes they committed, advocates said Tuesday during …
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