Single Mother of One Who Is Suffering From Domestic Abuse Needs Help Researching What Aid Is Available?

Question by : Single mother of one who is suffering from domestic abuse needs help researching what aid is available?
Hi, I live in the Kansas City area and am currently in a abusive relationship with the father of my 10 month old child. I am completely dependent on him financially. I have been applying to jobs, and haven’t been able to land one. My plan is as soon as the lease is up (next month) I will go to a shelter since I have been unable to find work. I was thinking of going to Nursing School. I have been researching what type of resources are available for somebody in my situation. I haven’t been able to find a lot.

Also, I have been trying to find out what type of legal aid might be available since there will likely be a custody battle. We are not married. He has a good job, and recently has come into a large sum of money. I have no money, he spent my savings. Also, he is a drug addict (cocaine/marijuana/alcohol), but doesn’t have a police record. I do not have any documentation of the abuse. I’m very scared that I will loose my daughter. I have a history of depression, he says if I leave him that he will use that against me in court. He says that I’m the only woman he has ever hit, and that it will never hold up in court, because he will have his ex-girlfriends testify that he was never been violent with them.

If I could get him drug tested, I think he would just clean up for the test. You can have cocaine out of your system fast, and marijuana in a few weeks. If he know that we are going to court, I know that he will just stop using drugs until after the hearing.

Any advice is welcome, thank you so much.

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Answer by JB
You need to do something and now….I also have a 10 month old and am going through a divorce…..Look for family service near you or in the phone book…they deal with everything from food stamps, to insurance, 4Cs-Daycare…They also deal with these situations….Go to the police station when he is not around and tell them and ask for advice….he wont even know if u just go 4 advice and they will know the legal issues…Housing is available to…i am about to move into a rent free apt. I work PT at a restraunt….Go to the shelter…just gather info….I also have a past of depression and foster care, but the mother almost always gets custody….not saying it is always right, but that’s how it is…..Just please get help soon…If not 4 u 4 ur baby girl…good luck just hold ur head up high and show that F**k Face what ur made of…

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