Should Borax Submit a Drug Test?

Question by sp77511: Should borax submit a drug test?
Kansas City, St Louis….borax dont know what city he is in and you want him to be president? I dont think he ever quit using drugs..Do you?

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Answer by geoffj981
I don’t think he ever had a brain.

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Rick Holmes: A 'furious' diversion from the real issues

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America is supporting the other side as well, sending billions of dollars south to the drug cartels, money they use to pay armies of hit men, and to bribe Mexico's police and elected officials. This war is as corrupt as it is bloody. Calderon put the …
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Kansas Taxes M More Than Anticipated In June

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The Kansas Department of Revenue reports that the state collected $ 32 million more in taxes than anticipated in June. The department … Four people have been arrested in North Carolina after they mistakenly called the wrong person about drug purchases.
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