Roscoe Dash – Substance Abuse (2.0 Mixtape)


Roscoe Dash – Substance Abuse (2.0 Mixtape) – Roscoe Dash – Substance Abuse Mixtape: 2.0 (2012) Download here:


Substance Abuse Task Force tackles cyber bullying

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The Gulf Coast Substance Abuse Task Force is taking on two problems that are growing here and across the world: cyber bullying and sexting. The group invited everyone to the Long Beach Senior Center Thursday afternoon to learn how to protect children …
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How Can We Break Our Drug Habit?

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Katrina Hotrum is director of the Bernalillo County Department of Substance Abuse Programs and oversees MATS, a voluntary 48-bed drug and alcohol detox center in Southeast Albuquerque that was wracked by scandal a few years ago. Over the last year …
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UB's RIA awared nearly M in grants

Filed under: Substance Abuse

Founded in 1970, the Research Institute on Addictions became an affiliate of UB in 1999. RIA is a national leader in the study of alcohol and substance abuse issues, with most research programs supported by federal and private foundation grants.


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