Prescription Drug Abuse Effects


Prescription Drug Abuse Effects – A team of Washington and Lee University journalism students examine the consequences of abusing prescription drugs.


Disarming an old-fashioned approach

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Since the American Revolutionary War the abuse of alcohol and drugs has continued to increase with no signs of the change around the corner. In Washington, DC, a new report [which was requested by the US Department of the Defense] was released by the …


Mountainside Drug Rehab Warns Parents Against 'Skittles Parties'

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The program and its professional addiction treatment team have earned national recognition and resulted in Mountainside being invited to Washington by the White House to meet with the White House Drug Czar, John P. Walters, for an in-depth meeting on …
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Prescription drug abuse targeted in upstate NY

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… this week to talk about what's described as an "innovative initiative" to attack the issue. Among the agencies involved are the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, the New York state police and the state Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse …
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