My Friend Is Facing These Charges Tomorrow in a Colorado Courthouse . What Could He Expect ?

Question by : My friend is facing these charges tomorrow in a colorado courthouse . what could he expect ?
he has a prior felony conviction for possesion of meth over 6 years ago in which he served 5 years . the arrest recently was by accident during an illegal search and seizure. he had a scale , a few empty baggies a syringe and no cash . He was sleeping when police climbed through our window . he may have had some residue in a bag. he does have quite a few warrants from colorado , kansas and wyoming for driving under revocation . I should add that he has never been offered or enrolled in any drug treatment center or program. is that an angle or option ? how about the illegal search and seizure ? He only had a scale on him because he kept getting ripped off . Here are his charges as they appear on his booking card –

Unlawful possession of a controlled substance
Cont subst – amphetamines-sell (felony)
Possession of drug paraphernalia (petty offense)
Failure to appear (misdemeanor)
Failure to appear (misdemeanor)
The police were looking for a individual that was rumored to have stayed in the building that we manage . there was an open window that that person had left opened . the 2 officers entered our property without legal permission through the widow and found only my friend they questioned him extensively and when asked his name , they realized he was not their initial suspect , but with the com check on his name it revealed his warrants and finally being searched and padded it was discovered that he had the items or paraphernalia .
his bond is set at 51 k , the Controlled substance – amphetamine -sell charge ? what is it that makes it a (sell) ? he only had five dollars in his pocket. How is it considered legal passage to enter a privately owned building through a window .by only suspicion ?

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Answer by Patrick
2 misemeanors 1 felony and possession charges. Hes putting his money down on the fact that it was an illegal search and they did not have legal permission. If they can proove they had probable cause to search him hes DONE. He has no other defense

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  • ????????? says:

    They must have had a warrant for the address though, why else would they have entered that specific address?

    If they had permission to enter the property (no matter who they were looking for), you’re friend will probably be held in remand until the trial date. (“failure to appear” can raise bail significantly)

    Probable cause applies to vehicles. Police NEED a warrant for a specific address to enter a property.

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