Local Prop36 Approved Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers?

Question by jessiekatie2004: local prop36 approved inpatient drug treatment centers?

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I’m sorry, but there isn’t enough of a question there.

More information please?

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New Roads Treatment Centers Provides Residential Drug Treatment Programs for Young Adults – New Roads Treatment Centers offers residential drug treatment programs that are fully-integrated continuum of care, tailoring addiction treatment to meet each client’s specific needs from detoxification to residential drug treatment programs to supported housing and outpatient drug treatment. Read more about our holistic and age specific drug treatment on our website: www.newroadstreatment.com


Addiction Treatment Center And Dual Diagnosis Expert Dr. AR Mohammad

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Addiction Treatment Center And Dual Diagnosis Expert Dr. A.R. Mohammad Issues Warning About Staggering THC Potency In Today's Synthetic And Traditional Marijuana Strains. August 23, 2012. Repost This. Dr. Mohammad And His Team Of Experts Issue …
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