Is There Something I Can Do?

Question by g4ng5t3r: Is there something I can do?
Im a pharmacy tech at walmart…by law we restrict pseudoephedrine sales such as sudafed because they used to make metamphetamine… i had 3 customers in a row buying 2 boxes of sudafed each… later on another 3 women in a row come and get 2 more boxes each. I do my job by checking and logging their ID usually from remote non-local towns or out of state that looks legitimate. I suspect they using them drugs illegally.Its too unusual 5 people in a row coming to buy 2 boxes of pseudoephedrine and all their ID’s are from a highly drug dealing cities ( wichita falls TX and south oklahoma) The pharmacist told me that we cant do nothing about it, that we are doing our job by logging their information and its the laws job to persecute them. So my question is… is there something i can do about it?? We are not allowed to deny sales if they have and valid ID.

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Answer by Barzan Husni
yeah, you can stop being a snitch, “g4ngst3r”

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2 Responses to Is There Something I Can Do?

  • mrs_emtp says:

    The pharmacist is WRONG and by not reporting this to law enforcement he is violating the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005. The pharmacist should be reported to the State Board of Pharmacy. You can’t deny sales but, you can certainly call law enforcement and the offender will be arrested. You have become a party to a crime though, I doubt you will be punished because you are operating under the pharmacist’s license.

  • Kevin (Mr. Math) says:

    He is violating the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005. You may goto the local police office and confront your seeings.

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