I Want to Become a Drug Counseler?

Question by BikerTrash: I want to become a drug counseler?
I’m an ex-drug addict. I would like to help people over come their addictions. I live in Kansas. How should I go about this?

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Answer by I ? Colbert
I have to say, that’s wonderful to hear(read).

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2 Responses to I Want to Become a Drug Counseler?

  • avakitty_83 says:

    i have the same ambitions and i am getting my associates in criminal justice and then my bachelors in human services but if arent so fond of school my mom started out as a counselors assistant at a drug rehabilitation center and is know in training for counselor and her work is paying for it all…..

    good luck, i am very happy for you to make this decision and would love to talk to you through your adventure…you can email me if you want …

  • Kelly V says:

    Take a class in communication and public speaking. Then when you think you have the communication skills and the public speaking ability. You can then go to schools and colleges and become a motivated speaker !
    Design a web page and have business cards. be prepared to deal with ignorant, hostile, and bored people. Diversity is another key factor when traveling from city to city. Some kids live in a hard knock life and will try to make you feel insecure. Just be prepared for the smart assses and have a good sense of humor. I pray your dream comes true and you can influence people against drugs !! God Bless You

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