I Have to Do a Speech on Child Abuse. Could Someone Please Check It and Say if It’s Okay? :)?

Question by : I have to do a speech on child abuse. Could someone please check it and say if it’s okay? :)?
Try to put yourselves in the shoes of children who are constantly being abused. Imagine being beaten, neglected or even sexually assaulted by the people who gave birth to you. Child abuse is one of the most tragic problems faced by children. Worldwide an estimated 40 million children under the age of 15 are subject to child abuse. The term child abuse can be defined as intentional use of physical force or intentional omission of care by a parent or guardian that causes a child to be hurt, maimed or even killed. This maltreatment can be classified in 3 different categories, physical abuse, sexual molestation and neglect.

Physical abuse is when parents or other adults deliberately harm a child or do nothing to prevent it. This behaviour can also include giving children alcohol or drugs or the use of life threatening weapons like a gun or knife. The most serious cases can result in brain damage and sometimes even death. Sexual Molestation is when an adult or sometimes an older child, forces a child for sexual gratification. Both, boys and girls are sexually abused, and as well as older children it can happen to very young children, even babies. The effects of sexual abuse are enduring and highly damaging. Research indicates that across the globe up to 36% of girls and 29% of boys have suffered from child sexual abuse. And finally Neglect is when parents fail to meet a child’s needs for things such as adequate food and clothing. Neglected children may be withdrawn or be very aggressive, and can develop health problems or have difficulty coping at school.

‘Punished’ is the inspiring true story, which reflects upon a little girl, Vanessa, whose childhood was devastated by torture and abuse at the hands of her sadistic mother. From the age of 3, Vanessa lived in daily terror of her mother’s unpredictable rage. If she was ‘naughty’, her mother would lash out at her – with beatings, torture, and starvation and making Vanessa sleep in their garden’s pigsty, tied up like an animal. Her mother said her punishments were God’s revenge on her for being the devil’s child. Her father lived in denial of her suffering. When she was 6 years old, Vanessa’s grandfather began to sexually abuse her – to her despair, aided and abetted by both her mother and grandmother. At eight years old, she then discovered that the ‘mother’ who hated her so much had adopted her as a baby and would never love her as her own.

In this case alike several others parents often abuse and mistreat their child or children due to the fact that they are not their own. Additionally, another cause of child abuse is stress. Parents who don’t know how to handle stress will often lash out, and become abusive to their children. This stress can range from anything such as unemployment, illness, drug abuse, poverty to even the presence of a new baby. I personally believe that this is deplorable and something should be done to minimise the chances of a child being abused. Would you like to live in such conditions were you are compelled to live under torture and struggle?

The NSPCC, amongst many other campaigns, have a vision to end cruelty to children in the UK. They campaign to change the law, provide Child Line and the NSPCC helpline service. Furthermore they also offer advice for adults, and much more. Why not make a difference by volunteering or donating through the website? These prevention services are just some of many ways to help prevent child abuse. Therefore, if we as individuals partake in at least one of the services we can put an end to children feeling helpless, guilty and violated. At the end of the day wouldn’t it be worth it to save a vulnerable child’s life.
To conclude with I would like to show you a video –
I hope this has left an impression on you about the mistreatment of children across the world and I intend that more people contribute to help reduce this problem. Thank You.

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  • Erin says:

    In the second paragraph maybe use, “Physical abuse occurs when,” instead of, “Physical abuse is when.” Other than that, great presentation!

  • JMITW says:

    what about emotional abuse and neglect?

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    lol, u sound like a person who needs to be institunionalized in a special hospital but.? lol your funny.

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