How Will I Be Able to Find Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Cleveland, Georgia?

Question by ayah a: How will I be able to find substance abuse treatment programs in Cleveland, Georgia?
I’m doing this for a special project in school. As part of my report, I wanted to be able to include a few interviews of people who are undergoing a substance abuse treatment program. Does anybody know how I can get a hold of contact numbers of treatment centers?

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Answer by beatrice c
It sounds like an interesting project, and I hope you do well.

Look in the yellow pages. You will find a list of the addiction treatment centers in your area there. Make sure to call first to ask them if you can interview the patients. Below are links that might be helpful. Good luck!

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ICANotes for Substance Abuse Treatment.wmv – This video shows the features of ICANotes Behavioral Health EHR of special interest to clinicians working in an addiction or drug treatment setting. Visit for a free trial or live demo of our mental health EHR software.


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@TurayaK have a guest suggestion tied into substance abuse treatment and honoring Woody johnson DM me for info – by jerryschranz (Jerry Schranz PR pro)


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New BAP guidelines target treatment of substance abuse, addiction – by peduli_sehat (Health News)


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Support Systems Homes Offers Substance Abuse Treatment Programs In Woodside – 800-811-1800 – – by NewsOnGo557 (NewsOnGo557)


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  • blkmgikwmn says:

    do a search but their not going to let u talk to patients dur to HIPPA laws that protect privacy they cant even tell whether someone there or not.

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