How Will I Be Able to Find Drug Rehabs in Succasunna, New Jersey?

Question by ayesha e: How will I be able to find drug rehabs in Succasunna, New Jersey?
I want to know how I will get to find drug rehabs. This is for a friend of mine who has gotten himself into bad company. He was the kind of person who used to shy away from stuff like drugs, but now he’s changed. It’s like I don’t know him anymore. However, I think he’s planning to change again– for the better now. And I really want to help him.

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Answer by ashli ls
I think it’s great that your friend is finally going to get himself treated for his addiction. To find drug rehabs, you can check out the links that I have provided below. These are going to be able to help you in your search. Calling a helpline, such as 800-559-9503, may be helpful too. I really hope he gets well soon. Just keep on being there for him.

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Mathieu In Drug Rehab Center

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omg this chick is so random… like ive ended up at not one but two separate drug rehabs with this broad.. and she always calls me all crazy – by ashleymeggan (Crashley Legend)


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18 Responses to How Will I Be Able to Find Drug Rehabs in Succasunna, New Jersey?

  • metalheadk93 says:

    Allright buddy, let’s not go make personal attacks. I’m not saying anything bad about you or your views so let’s try and stay respectful. He doesn’t have to go to any rehab no matter what his substance problem is, and weed is not a very common thing that sends people there.

    All I’m saying is that it’s wrong for someone to jump the conclusion to say that his problem is weed, especially because of all the other? possibilities. You assume that’s his only problem or is the thing sending him there

  • XxSayrosxX says:

    For someone who wants to talk about facts, you’re certainly lacking them. First of all, you absolutely can go to rehab for marijuana. It is considered an illegal substance and in most programs repeated violations lead to rehab for many? programs whether it’s collegiate or professional. Just because you’ve never heard of rehab for weed doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, it happens.

    People who say it’s weed are jumping to that conclusion because he has been busted for that specific substance before.

  • mattmat74 says:

    Baton Rouge…? #skittles

  • metalheadk93 says:

    Not very many people go to rehab for Weed, making it very unlikely that he is going to rehab for weed. If he does smoke weed it is likely not the only substance he is having a problem with.

    People who say he is going to rehab for weed are jumping an unwarranted conclusion, the substance abuse he is in violation of has not been disclosed. It’s just the general public using their broken logic.

    It’s not? educated when you phrase it like fact, especially because people do not get rehab for weed

  • XxSayrosxX says:

    Because, it’s usually always weed. It’s the most popular recreational drug and it’s harmless, I know for a fact that most NBA? players smoke weed. Sure, he could have done cocaine, heroine, or some other drug, but I really doubt it. The thing is, I don’t even know whether they release that sort of information, so we might never know but let’s just say it’s an educated guess based on many other cases like that. He got busted twice for weed, this was his third strike.

  • boomboominroom says:

    In all recorded history, no has died of smoking marijuana.?

  • boomboominroom says:

    LOL Maybe nobody liked him.?

  • tweetlova says:

    So is his future in the NFL ruined? Can? he transfer to another college?

  • gbcolby says:

    Best of? luck lsu

  • connerjd says:

    True, there is more to life? than football.

  • metalheadk93 says:

    How do you know it’s weed? ?

  • connerjd says:

    I can’t stand these? stupid advertisements.

  • RangersMLB2012 says:

    That movie is wack

  • XxSayrosxX says:

    Can we stop pretending like not all top athletes? smoke weed and that it’s harmful to their performance? Going for rehab for weed is ridiculous and pointless. Although not as much as going to prison for it.

  • green49285 says:

    lol hiney badger dont give a FUCK? about no WEED!

  • WTFref2 says:

    Lol rehab for marijuana that’s a? first

  • Kevin Ramirez says:

    Hasn’t tryann seen half baked!?!?!nobody goes to rehab for? weed!!!!lmao lmao

  • FPSCruzer says:

    hey coach? why r u not in wwe anymore?

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