How Do I Find Drug Rehab Centers in Louisiana?

Question by debra t: How do I find drug rehab centers in Louisiana?
I live in Alexandria, Louisiana. After months of prodding, I had finally convinced my dad to get himself treated for heroin addiction. I want to make sure that he gets the care and treatment he needs. How will I be able to find drug rehab centers?

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Answer by callie r
Talking to a doctor and asking for recommendations is always a good way to start. Having your father get assessed by him would be good too. Inquire first and know much about a rehab center before you take your pick.

I’m glad your dad finally decided to get himself treated. It’s always hard when somebody’s a drug addict in the family. It’s good of you to look out for him and try to find ways to better his life. Good luck to you and your dad. 🙂

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6 Responses to How Do I Find Drug Rehab Centers in Louisiana?

  • GERALD S. M says:

    Check and be evaluated with your/his family doctor. Or go to any police law enforcement narcotics unit and ask or most hospitals will have information.

  • ninsei0112 says:

    I guess by not technically calling themselves a treatment center they are able to maneuver around existing state regulatory agencies and get away? with hiring people that are not qualified to work there. This place is illegitimate.

  • ninsei0112 says:

    I hope they get shut down soon. I knew this guy too and he is lying(and they paid him for sure).This place has so many problems. When I researched some of the backgrounds of the staff I found out many of them had ties to known cults like “The Option Institute” and degrees from non accredited universities like Capella University. Dr Don Durham’s is from Texas Woman’s University which is not accredited.? Also on their application they say they are not a treatment center so what are they?a school??

  • colinmoore100 says:

    I went to GateHouse, great program. Changed my life. Almost 2 years sober. Compared to other treatment centers in and around Prescott AZ , GH graduates do extremely well, given they work the 12 step program and a ready. Most people who get to GH dont get there by accident, nor do they come in just having picked? up for the first time. Most residents have hit a hard bottom one way or another. I know I did.

  • nckitkat says:

    wrong. I have been there, I have met this guy, it is one of the best places I have ever seen. It is for people aged 18-25 and they teach you how to live with your addiction, but without the alcohol and drugs. It will save lives. just because you chose not to get anything out of it does not mean? it isn’t worthwhile. one of the things you apparently didn’t learn was not to judge…

  • scareykatt says:

    very uplifting.

    miguel? needs that!

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