How Can I Stop My Addiction 2 Books??

Question by Booky524: How can I stop my addiction 2 books??
Ok, im 12(goin on 13) and I was wonderin how i can stop mi addiction 2 books. I go 2 the library prolly 3x a week and everytime i checkout about 20 books. I never end ^ readin them all, and it makes me mad that i cant. Can NE1 help moi??

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Answer by Lindsey D
Don’t worry … I was like that when I was your age. I thought I would never slow down, but as I got older and busier I had to slow down. I still love to read now and days, but rather than reading 3-4 books a day I am now only reading 1-2 books a week (if I’m lucky.) Life will happen.

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12 Responses to How Can I Stop My Addiction 2 Books??

  • Morgana D says:

    Eventually, it’ll pass to a certain degree. I used to do the same thing. I still read a lot, but not as much as I used to. As you’re growing up, you find yourself having less and less time, due to more schoolwork or being employed. Enjoy being able to read as much as you can while it’s possible, like so many other things, it’ll soon be over.

  • twnty4karet says:

    This is a good addiction!!!!!!! Read… read… read!!!!!! We need more smart young females in this world!!! Keep it up!!

  • sunshinegirl5650 says:

    well an addiction to books is not the worst addiction you could have, it will probably help you in the long run.
    Try going to the library no more than once a week. When you do go, only check out one or two books you really want. When you are finished with those books and ONLY when you have finished them go back and get another book!

    p.s. you still have plenty of time to read all the books you want to, you are still young so don’t worry if you don’t read everything RIGHT NOW.

  • writer66502 says:

    Don’t you dare! It makes you smarter and more interesting. You can carry books around with you. If you don’t have time for them, you can put them aside and go back to them later. I have enjoyed my addition to books. It has enriched my life. It has given me the ability to know things I never could have learned any other way. This is one addition you want to hang on to.

  • Accalia R says:

    Maybe you should stop being mad at yourself for reading the books and try to give yourself a reason to go out and have fun with your friends from school. Your wish to read books is very rare and precious gift, but you need to live your life and not live inside the books. Stay little after classes and get to know your classmates more, you will find that is as fun as reading a good book.

  • hawaii.jake says:

    Don’t stop.

  • Sar says:

    Reading is a great addiction to have. I remember being that age and reading about 7 to 8 books at a time. It’s a great thing to be interested in, it will help you the future, and it expands your knowledge. And people are right when you get older you’ll get busier, and then it will slow down. I did, but I still have a list of books I want to read…

  • jlcresswv says:

    Enjoy reading that much while you have the opportunity. Books have remained a joy throughout my life and I still go to the book store at least twice a week (sometimes to browse but more often to purchase). There is no shame to be found in being addicted to books and enjoying the places a well written tale can take you.

  • Lucifer says:

    Well, judging by your typing [and ONLY by your typing] I’d say you should try reading the classics. Hopefully, some of them will pique more of your curiosity and if you choose long ones, you’ll be so into one that you…can’t stop reading it? dunno if that helps. Perhaps you’ll find a classic that you hate so much you’ll be repulsed from books forever.

  • True Deceptions says:

    Don’t mean to be rude, but… your question kinds of makes me think that you can’t read, you spelt almost all the words wrong.

    But, anyway, why would you want to stop reading books. I love to read, but, unfortunately for me there is no library around where I live.

  • infoseeker says:

    Try getting some (interesting!) how-to or biographical books descriptive of things you might like to try to do: projects, sports, cooking, etc. Then at times after you read you’ll want to stop reading and get to having practical fun with your new info. This won’t cure a reading addiction (and I don’t think you SHOULD cure it!), but it will provide another outlet for the hunger to know new things, and should keep you active outside the book world.

  • Globetrotter says:

    If you MUST check out 20 books, then make some of them art books with lots of pictures. That will stimulate your imagination. If you can prevent yourself from checking out 20, pick out the one or two that you really want, and don’t go back to the library until you’re finished reading them. Then when you return pick out one or two more.

    Reading is a ROCKING addiction! Best wishes.

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