Help With Science Project? Increasing Trend of Alcohol, Drug and Smoking Abuse?

Question by Yuppy kid! =P Roxzzz….: Help with science project? increasing trend of alcohol, drug and smoking abuse?
I am supposed to complete this task by 25th June. I have done research on this.

Problem observed:
‘There is an increasing trend of smoking, drug abuse and alcohol abuse among young people in our society today,’

I need to find actual figures to support this statement. e.g charts and figures.
I have tried to find the increasing trend but the trend seems to be decreasing at least that’s what most sites state. Anyone can help me? I need an increase in smoking, drug abuse and alcohol abuse over theese few years. Must be updated. 2005, 2006 or 2007 surveys, polls or research.
i know there is a decreasing trend!!! But I ned evidence for an increasing trend….Oh and it can be from 2000-2007.
help me find either increasing or decreasing and i need figures and charts. MUST be of young people today.

Best answer:

Answer by Yug
Ummm there is actually a decreasing trend…but whatever, good luck.

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse : Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcohol – Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include headaches, nausea, breathing difficulties, anxiety, depression and delirium tremors. Discover how alcohol can cause hallucinations and cardiovascular problems withhelp from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on alcohol abuse. Expert: David Thomas Contact: Bio: Dr. David Thomas has been certified as a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Florida since 1986 and in the National Board of Certified Counselors since 1987. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


From Twitter:

RT @EffumBodyWorks: Pray for all the young people who are fighting drug and alcohol abuse. Please God help them find the path to salvation. – by niaharealist (niah)


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RT @EffumBodyWorks: Pray for all the young people who are fighting drug and alcohol abuse. Please God help them find the path to salvation. – by CrazyInk_13 (?ThePrinceOfInk?)


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RT @EffumBodyWorks: Pray for all the young people who are fighting drug and alcohol abuse. Please God help them find the path to salvation. – by Sweetie_Niesha (LovingMySON)


20 Responses to Help With Science Project? Increasing Trend of Alcohol, Drug and Smoking Abuse?

  • Kin B says:

    You want STATISTICS. That should be your search term.

  • CC65 says:

    First check out sales, and then look in the medical journals.

  • jphcyber says:

    Have you tried state or area Health depts, another possible source is Insurance companies.

  • reaperohio says:

    If, by increasing these activities in my personal life I could, in some small way, help you in your pursuits, it is my duty to do so.No sacrifice is too great in the search for knowledge.

  • lp says:

    do your own homework

  • tim l says:

    in the general popilation the use has decrease. But if you want to make it increase you will have to look at young kids. It is moving to younger and younger kids.
    I would say research the us goverment web pages the health department. Or local health dept. good luck and you may have to change your research.
    try this web page and hope it helps.

  • bowe3boy says:

    bro i get the same thing aswell, realy scared now, but now im getting breathing problems,? i feel like im dieing

  • thoostorm4 says:

    i dont drink? anymore i guzzle

  • alanmeires says:

    iv come to this sight to see if what im going through means im? a Alocholic i dont drink every day some times not for weeks but when i do i go on it for 2 or 3 days drinking up to 3 or 4 bottles of whisky in that time .i then have to stop as my sleeping patten stops i get bad dreams and it fill like my hart is about to stop thats what wakes me up all the time. and a bit shakey both hands and feet when i walk this the signs aswell? any feed back would be nice thanks

  • giaisbomb says:

    —-I noticed after many years of heavy drinking…Now at night, it feels actually like there is a REAL water faucet running on my forehead. Water or sweat gets into my eyes. I think there’s? alcohol in it–stings my eyes. Could mean bad things happening to my liver and kidneys. I have no idea why I still love alcohol! I am sober now…..

  • karioka2 says:

    or like my family that says I am not an alcoholic while i am, like they dont accept it, they dont see it as such,, that alcoholism doesnt exist and that is? not a sickness: son u r not alcoholic just a heavy drinker that should stop drinking! you dont need AA thats not for you… What a help right?

  • karioka2 says:

    I am having that at the moment mate, is like being in hell… is? so so horrible.. I need to stop, I am starting AA.. last time I drank 4 days non stop … I am lucky to be alive… and also, the horrible sweats at night, clothes totally damp!….

  • xMUSTEDx says:


  • Hispanicauzinpanic says:

    I’ve been partying this weekend alot of drinking went down, but I was laying in bed all of a sudden, I feel like anxious and deppressed, I realized now that I’m having? withdraw symptoms. this sucks.

  • niwanthiumara says:

    It can be clearlly seen that this is a dating site ?

  • jrjbobby says:

    What kills me is when a family member, “an enabler” that’s codependent says something like, “Well he doesn’t drink? as much as he used to” or “He’s cut down regarding his drinking.” I have had several alcoholics in my family. I have enough God-given sense to know there is no “cutting back” or “cutting down” etc. They are both in denial in those situations etc.

  • jrjbobby says:

    Know a guy that is an alcoholic, drinks several daily. He shakes so badly, routinely, he sometimes can’t hold a glass eating utensils. I really think it’s due to drinking daily and sometimes way too much. Thank goodness I rarely drink and could live without it without one problem. His wife actually serves drinks to? him at social functions and at home, her mother had been an alcoholic. She’s co-dependent and an “enabler” for sure. It’s different for sure…

  • preshanths1 says:

    I salute? you doctor, thanks.

  • trickdaddyaz03 says:

    That is an ignorant thing to say to somebody who has spent more time trying to comprehend this disease than most people including alcoholics themselves. What if he posted a video and said to all the alcoholics out there “just stop drinking, its that? simple!”, only then would your comment be justified.

  • Necrotic89 says:

    Oh man, I went through that same thing. I ended up staying awake for three days and eventually? just going to the hospital. The scariest experience ever..

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