Have Christians Become More Radical?

Question by : Have Christians become more radical?
More recently I’ve noticed a growing number of “Christians” chastising people for the types of music they listen to, movies they watch, or games they play. I’m a Christian who made a confession of faith in Christ when I was seven. I read the Bible and have a regular prayer life. I try to stay away from porn and I do everything in moderation. But that’s not enough for some people. Radical Christians see me wearing a Jimi Hendrix shirt or enjoying some reggae music and they try to “correct” me, even though what I’m doing isn’t sin in God’s eyes. I watch R-rated movies and enjoy some of them a lot. It seems that a lot of Christians reject that there is a line between fiction and reality. The Bible says to have a clean mind, but my brain doesn’t dwell on thoughts about sex and violence after watching a movie like “Natural Born Killers” or what have you. More importantly, they say everything you listen to comes out of you. Well, that’s not true because I cussed more at a young age and since I started watching movies with more profanity, my desire to cuss has gone down. Not only that, but the problem with cuss words isn’t the words themselves, but the context we use them in. Whenever we cuss, it is usually out of frustration. Most cuss words today are inventions of humankind. Bottom line, there is a line to be drawn between fiction and reality and just because some people take movies for more than what they are, entertainment, doesn’t mean responsible people shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy them.

Also, at church camp, there was discussion between our cabin leaders, who aren’t much older than us, about whether or not Christians should watch Harry Potter because it deals with themes like witchcraft. While I can admit that yes, some children who watch Harry Potter try to imitate what they see, it doesn’t mean that other people who’s heads are on straighter shouldn’t watch it. I hate Harry Potter but the creators weren’t exploiting the theme of witchcraft. They were taking it and using it as the basis to write good fiction. To me, that’s not sin. But being a couple of good ole boys from Western Kansas our cabin leaders still had objections. Two of the most ridiculous were that it “opens the doors to all kinds of witchcraft” and that it “plants a seed that grows into something evil.” I thought to myself “I’ve never heard anything more stupid in my life!” Thankfully they were nice and didn’t try to cram their message down my throat when I respectfully told them that I disagreed. In my humble opinion though, what they were saying was more sacrilegious than any kind of witchcraft in any book/movie/television show. If we should stop watching things because they have pagan imagery, what about the tons of Bible verses with pagan imagery? There are countless references to the cross in the KJV Bible even though Jesus didn’t even die on a cross. He died on an upright stake if you read the original passages that the Bible is adapted from. At this point I gave them the benefit of the doubt. They had likely been indoctrinated at a young age so I won’t demonize them.

Then came another issue. They basically said that the consumption of pornography will always lead to drug abuse of some degree. While I think enjoying porn is sinful, it is not as grave as an addiction to heroin or meth. A “statistic” which I haven’t been able to find any evidence proving it’s existence shows that most houses raided for drugs also have some kind of pornography in them. Well, pornography has become a staple in many American households. That doesn’t mean there’s a connection between it and drug addiction. The user’s love affair isn’t with the porn, it’s with the drugs. Also, they referred to it as “sickening.” Okay, porn isn’t good but to call it sickening just shows what they think about the human body. Furthermore on the subject, most people don’t get lustful thoughts just by watching a simple nude scene in a mainstream movie or hell, even a sex scene. If they do, they’re the ones who need to not watch movies, not us.

What do you think? Have Christians become more radical? You can back your statements up with scripture but it’s not likely to change my opinion. I’ve read more scripture than most fundie wackos.

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Answer by Beavis
Considering the witch trials, Crusades, and inquisition, I would say no. Christianity is quite peaceful today compared to the past.

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8 Responses to Have Christians Become More Radical?

  • Tao Man says:

    If by radical you mean nuts, then yes.

  • Dr. Bear, Pediatrician says:

    more radical? like the witch hunts, the Inquisition, the crusades. there has always been radical groups just now they dont kill ppl

  • James says:

    I just think they’re plain dumb and senseless in their belief system…

  • ????? says:

    There have and always will be a group of radicals in every religion.
    There have been plenty in the past. There are plenty in the present. In fact, there will be plenty of radicals in the future as well. I don’t know about you, but I just ignore their antics. If you acknowledge their radical-ness, they will only become crazier.

  • quince says:

    What you describe has been around for a very, very long time. As others have pointed out, in history, many Christians (and other religions, such as Islam) were instrumental in very hateful, radical, evil laws.

    The only thing I see getting worse in recent years is that the radical Christians have become more and more influential over the Republican party and various corners of politics. Of course, in terms of history, this is nothing new.

  • scrubbag says:

    Radical, to me, means ” to what extent will people push their beliefs, in order for they, to believe in their beliefs themselves?” (Prove to others, while proving to themselves)

    Will these “Christians?” go to the point of hurting someone or perhaps even killing someone, to make them keep themselves “clean”?

    I mean, will they bash someone on the head to stop them from listening to music? Use violence to obtain their means? And the bashing then leads to more violence, and maybe murder?

    Similar to the Abortion issues. To stop people from Aborting babies, these groups will resort to even killing adults, such as in blowing up clinics. Does the end really justify the means?


    Once a group, any group…Atheists included, with their stopping God being in the Pledge of Allegiance, for instance….once a group becomes radical, it can lead to violence, and the group become “blind” to the real reason they are there. Once blinded, they lose their way.

    About porn. I think alcohol would lead to drugs quicker then porn would…alcohol and drugs are both able to make a person “high”, while porn does not. But not all alcohol drinkers do drugs, do they?
    I used to drink a lot of alcohol, but I NEVER touched drugs….I refused to indulge.

    To me, associating porn with drugs is like drinking a glass of water and saying that it would cause me to start smoking. That is STUPID.

    Some Christians have become….VERY radical….demonstrating at funerals of soldiers, for instance…and this leads to violence. But they will claim, it is done in God’s name.

    And then Atheists will say, “religion is bad”….when in actuality, it is good…..the leaders in some cults, are bad….and what they cause to happen, givez a bad name to all the rest of Christians.

    Such was the case, for the Crusades.
    I am Christian, in case you wonder…but not radical.

  • Carol F says:

    No, overall Christians have become far more permissive. How long have you been alive? Do you remember the 80’s or before?

    “the Bible says to have a clean mind, but my brain doesn’t dwell on thoughts about sex and violence after watching a movie like Natural Born Killers or what have you”.

    There are spiritual/scriptural principles that govern the way human beings work. They don’t depend upon how one feels. The kinds of internal changes in a person’s mind and spirit that you we are discussing here are USUALLY not noticed by the person that undergoes them. You don’t watch something violent, crude or immoral, and immediately become the perfect image of that thing, it merely nudges you slightly, in a certain direction. Over time it has impact. This isn’t just a Christian thing, there have been conclusive scientific studies done, for example on the effect of watching violence.

    http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2003/03/media-violence.aspx (effects on children)

    http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bbushman/BH06.pdf (effects on adults and children)

    They confirm what the Bible already knew and taught.

    David says in Psalm 1 that it is the man who meditates day and night in the word of God that will be firmly planted in it.

    “Blessed is the man
    Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
    Nor stands in the path of sinners,
    Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
    But his delight is in the law of the Lord,

    This obviously excludes any time/opportunity for watching murder or pornography.

    Paul advised this ” Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, DWELL ON THESE THINGS.”

    Joshua is told to meditate in the word of God day and night so that he will do it. God gives us this advice for a reason.

    “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but YOU SHALL MEDITATE ON IT DAY AND NIGHT, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.” Joshua 1:8

    A person who says “I don’t feel like such and such is the case”, must be mindful of Proverbs 28:26 The Bible tells us that we are fools if we trust in our own heart instead of walking according to the wisdom of God.

  • bnvhgjihkyui says:

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