GenerationRX: Prescription Drug Abuse (Part 1)


GenerationRX: Prescription Drug Abuse (Part 1) – 2009 CBI National Student Production Awards Winner: Best Student Documentary Producers: Harry Fleckenstein, Missy Stankowski Director: Steven Klink Editor: Tim Hill Camera/Audio: Anthony Mennie, Michael Gorczynski For a DVD copy of this movie please visit the Rowan University Center for Addiction Study website at or call 856-863-2175 This documentary tells the story four people and their struggles with prescription drug abuse and also of one woman overcoming the death of her mother, who passed away from the disease of addiction from an overdose. This film delves into the characters introduction to the drugs, their downfall from addiction into their rock bottom, and leading into their hope for freedom from active addiction touching on their recovery process. Lisa is a beautiful woman who grew up in a good family. During college she had many injuries due to sports and was introduced to Oxycontin. After taking prescription medication, she was thrown into a world she had no control over. In the end of her addiction, she ended up homeless with her children taken away from her. Today almost 3 years clean, she shares her story of recovery. Rodney is an African-American gay man who grew up in the ghetto. He was introduced to drugs and when we tried Percocet, he was off to the races. Through the world of drugs and the lifestyle that comes with it, he now lives with AIDS. At his darkest hour he found himself living in abandoned houses. Today he has been clean and in


The Doctor Is In

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Charlie's OxyContin prescriptions were just four of the 22 million new painkiller prescriptions New York doctors wrote last year. The painkillers are so widely available and so addictive that they are fueling a national prescription drug abuse epidemic …
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Indiana Officials Taking On Prescription Drug Abuse

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Dr. Joan Duwve (left) and Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller ( photo: Mike Corbin). The Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force is now a reality. Listen: The group, headed up by Attorney General Greg Zoeller, held its kick off …
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Police in Dauphin County to take back prescription drugs

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Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs. Studies show …
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RT @PeggyWelch60: 1st mtg of AG Zoeller’s Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force. Critical need to find solutions to this epidemic. I apprec … – by darrin_maxwell (darrin_maxwell)


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RT @Dedra_Pierce: Just learned that Portsmouth is 5th in the nation for prescription drug abuse and 3rd in the state for murders..great! Lol – by ktjaysunshine (Kaitlyn Boswell)


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Prescription Drug Abuse and Doping in Professional Cycling: Why Lance Armstrong Left the Fight – #rehab #recovery – by drugrehabfl (Drug Rehab Florida)


22 Responses to GenerationRX: Prescription Drug Abuse (Part 1)

  • devilive14 says:

    Respect to all the ppl who? have recovered coz’ six yrs down the line and I still cannot get off of it…now it’s not like I love it but it’s for being a normal person….

  • ThaGodWeCreate says:

    yes i agreee…fuck tha gov! but regardless of race,nationality, religion or whatever…we need to unite. They keep thier power by dividing tha nation into groups and then providing enough fuel to keep tha fire burning…its time we see past our differences and realize that only together can? we all overturn this curruption and greed..but most people are disillusioned and will fight to tha death to keep tha status quo…cuz thats all they know. break tha chains that bind u and live free

  • tampabayismyhome says:

    Dude i am a white person i was just saying thats why drug a illegal because of white rich dudes who thought the chines would fuck white girls in the opium dens. dude i have blond hair and? blues eyes i am proud of who i am to. but i am nothing like the 1% psychopaths that destroyed this country with there Prohibition on drugs,live and let live. and fuck the govt.

  • ThaGodWeCreate says:

    white power!! lol im proud to? be what i am…but i dont judge people on things they cant help

  • tampabayismyhome says:

    im a white? man to.

  • ThaGodWeCreate says:

    yes sir…im a white man but it is true that almost all drug laws were created so white men could keep? thier power…or to keep blacks/browns down…god forbid any darkies get money.laws against cocaine were written specifically to keep white women from black men. our whole system is racist and biased and hypocritical but tha worst thing is…its all for PROFIT.Countless human lives and much human suffering all so tha very rich can keep getting richer.our only weapon is tha truth, so spread it

  • tampabayismyhome says:

    I wish the govt would let us make are own decisions on what we put in are bodies. in the 1900s you could by HEROIN from sears, they would send you a needle and a mouth supply. but scared white men thought men from china would fuck there white woman in the opium dens, so of course they made it illegal. I don’t even do drugs, but it should be left up to the person, not the govt. you are 100%? right on how they sell it to you then lock you up. it’s a fucked up country we live in.

  • ThaGodWeCreate says:

    its not jus tha cops…its tha whole system..its? built on drug money…they sell u tha drugs then lock u up for using them…fucked up society. stay strong keep ur head up

  • appleman1324 says:

    this is true. look, everybody, drugs are not a legal issue, forget about punishing users, its the personal issue of being socially deprived.

    happened to me with painkillers and adderall i did with? a friend.

    now i see this prescription/pill abuse all over the mainline industry. Music constantly promoting it, forget “weed” or “cocaine” in music, Pills/E/Adderall/Oxycontin are heavy in all genres of music.

    The Elite corp/the War Machine wants our generation to be addicted to THEIR DRUGS

  • joeystreetbike says:

    may god help all people suffering from addiction treat it do not jail them I suffered from this? shit god bless you all

  • vabyss78 says:

    Locking up addicts instead of treating their conditions…FOR PROFIT. What the fuck are people proud of this greed-driven cesspool of filth for?

    America is? the great evil in this world.

  • HarryFleckenstein says:

    i found the music from Myspace some amazing guy from Greece.?

  • tampabayismyhome says:

    Get caught with one oxy pill, go to jail for 5? years. do you see the problem here? treat it as a health problem. ‘Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’ even thinks this is the way. addiction can happen to anyone at any time and your love ones too. all it takes is a hospital visit and a prescription for pain killers. stop locking people up for being sick with addiction. ASS-HOLE cops.

  • AnthonyMennie says:

    Thanks for fielding that one Harry, I don’t get onto youtube as much as I? should

  • HarryFleckenstein says:

    the? song is called Release the Seas.

  • dodgingtheworld says:

    what? song is this in the intro?!

  • WHBVERDE69 says:

    wats the song called?????

  • jimh615 says:

    JH watched it for URS?

  • 12puffcorn21 says:

    whats? that song in the beginning of this video

  • launwatch says:

    Pity the background rock music? obliterates SO much of the dialogue. I can hardly make out what they are saying.

  • ticks4ticks4 says:

    Because in this case, the “first time” refers to? recreational, non-medical–non-therapeutical abuse for pleasure/high of a known drug of abuse–in a manner of abuse—as opposed to the first time of, say, taking of Flintstone vitamin (generally not “recreational”; nor or Flintstone vitamins usually taken recreationally “to get high” or for non-therapeutic reasons–nor are these vitamins known for any such effect).

  • vap420 says:

    why do they substitute the word ‘take’ with ‘abuse’. The first time anyone ever took a Flintstone vitamin, do parents say their kid abused Flintstone vitamins??

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