General Counseling Questions. Please Answer!?

Question by Kelvin K: General counseling questions. Please answer!?
1. Action-oriented theories primarily focus on:

2. The role of the counselor in action-oriented theories tends to be:
. .
3. The influence and principles of behaviorism in the field of counseling have been:…
4. The Behavioral approach to counseling views clients’ problems as:

5. The primary goal of cognitive therapy is to:

6. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) practitioners tend to be:

7. Play Therapy is useful for children because:

8. The testing and assessment process is crucial to accomplishing which of the following tasks?…
9. One of the advantages of using testing in counseling is:

10. Counselors rely on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for which of the following reasons?…
11. Many professionals in the counseling field oppose the concept of formal diagnosis because:…
12. Ideally, an assessment should include:

13. Which of the following best describes a standardized test?

14. The interpretations of assessment data should:

15. Because family counseling sessions can become emotionally charged, the effective family counselor tends to be:…
16. Power in the family is directly related to:

17. Family counseling shares greater similarity with:

18. Preparation for family counseling should include:

19. Compared to individual counseling, family counselors tend to be more:…
20. We would expect to find the strategy of a family counselor to include:…
21. The primary task of a vocational counselor is to:

22. Certain developmental problems such as career immaturity may be helped by the counselor applying ______________….
23. The first step in helping clients with career decisions involves:

24. Career counseling tends to focus on decision-making but also includes which of the following:…
25. A primary goal of career counseling is to optimize resources and decisions that lead to:…
26. John Holland’s theory of vocational development is divided into six categories and focuses on:…
27. Addictions counseling involves clients who abuse:

28. The difference between drug use and drug abuse is:

29. Narcotics affect a person’s system by:

30. Frequent adolescent drug abusers appear to be which of the following?…
31. With the elderly and disabled populations which of the following may trigger alcohol and/or drug abuse?…
32. Treatment of the drug abuser usually requires:

33. When working with a diverse population of clients the counselor’s job is to:…
34. When counseling culturally different clients, it is suggested that counselors:…
35. Aging clients may experience which of the following:

36. What is a major problem that persons with physical challenges face?…
37. When working with the disabled, it is important:

38. Family members of disabled individuals may experience which of the following?…
39. It is more useful to consider ethical issues and possible resolutions at which critical times:…
40. The process of seduction of a client by a counselor is:

41. The confidential nature of the counselor/client relationship may be ethically breached when:…
42. In a landmark court case, now referred to as the Tarasoff decision, a counselor:…
43. Counselors have an ethical and legal obligation to breach the vow of confidentiality when all of the following occur except:…
44. In experiments the ______ is manipulated by the experimenter.

45. Good research:

46. In an experiment the ______ is usually the measuring instrument (test)….
47. The experimental method tries to:

48. _______ is a plan, structure, and strategy of investigation conceived so as to obtain answers to research questions and to control variance….
49. A research design tells us:

50. Which of the following research method is used most often?

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I wonder who’s gonna be more derailed than you to answer.

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Causes, Treatment & Prevention Of Drug Abuse Training Video – National Institute of Drug Addiction. Drug Abuse: Meeting the Challenge. NTIS A17166VNB1, 1987. Causes, treatment and prevention of drug abuse are explored. Interviews with NIDA personnel and research scientists about ways the government is researching and combating drug abuse. Tape is somewhat clinical in nature. Producer: National Institutes of Health. Keywords: FedFlix; Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment. More than three decades of scientific research have yielded 13 fundamental principles that characterize effective drug abuse treatment. These principles are detailed in NIDA’s Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide. 1. No single treatment is appropriate for all individuals. Matching treatment settings, interventions, and services to each patient’s problems and needs is critical. 2. Treatment needs to be readily available. Treatment applicants can be lost if treatment is not immediately available or readily accessible. 3. Effective treatment attends to multiple needs of the individual, not just his or her drug use. Treatment must address the individual’s drug use and associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems. 4. At different times during treatment, a patient may develop a need for medical services, family therapy, vocational rehabilitation, and social and legal services. 5. Remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is critical for treatment effectiveness. The time depends on an


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  • wiu_stu says:

    Counselor? Not so likely you will find a “counselor” who would decipher the propagated harvest you sent for an answer, if I were to answer your party of invites then its you whom would be in my sights to discover the psychological reason why you need to express yourself so elaborately. After all you could have said; “hey I need some drama in my life, its boring down here on Lonesome Avenue!”

  • Suevtres says:

    I really wanted to watch this but it is so boring . Get to the fucking point. Most? if the speakers are drugged or need to be .

  • christiandrugrehab1 says:

    Addiction so powerfull.. Really has a huge? impact on the lives of loved ones, frineds, etc.

  • happinesson says:

    drug? abuse ruins our future. say No to Drugs! This video really educates me..

  • gadionson1 says:

    i love this video!. it gives me more? knowledge about drug abuse and its treatment.

  • chazimperator says:

    prod in 1987 obviously antiquates this info; hope to find more timely material tht coherently & appropriately addrs the current “paradigms.” Special emphasis on multiple viable, compassionate treatments. Too much mass culture/media exposure to such potentially destructive treatments like “interventions,” which have become the focus of self-serving “reality TV.” If people are going? to to be helped, these ignorant media trends need countermeasures- wide nat’l dialog & cutting edge science

  • mdcombs79 says:

    I found the CURE for addiction and I? have proof for this? claim. Click on my name and witness Powerful Stories of Freedom. I personally know and have witnessed over 100? addicts who have found True and Lasting FREEDOM after being enslaved by their? addictions for so long. I have been through many programs for my addiction, but have never found so? much Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love than I have in the program I am in now. And the people I know who have given their stories are experiencing the same!

  • rosaryfilms says:

    – thank you very much for your comments! Regards…?

  • SarahRichterKMK says:

    This is a great video. I am a highschool freshman in an honors English class. Right now we are working on career research and planning. The career I am researching is being a substance abuse and behavioral? disorder counselor. this video includes alot of useful information. Thanks.

  • DarthMink says:

    The fact that you speak from 20 years of experience only means you can say why you think you use/used drugs, that doesn’t mean you can speak for me and every other? person on the planet.

  • turboeddy says:

    i speak from 20 years of experiance my friend? .

  • DarthMink says:

    I’m sure people use drugs for different reasons but I know a lot of people do them just because they like to get high. You can’t just generalize a single reason why every? drug user in the entire world does what they do but I think the majority of people who do drugs do so basically because either they like the way they feel when they’re high, or because they liked the way drugs made them feel at one time but now only continue to use because they’re addicted.

  • turboeddy says:

    ? people do drugs to hide behind the things they dont want face in life .drugs are a armour to hide behind a defence mechanism

  • OpenComments says:

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    Former CoS agent Steve Fishman confirms that CoS attorney Ken Moxon ordered OSA agents Lenny Leibowitz and Clarice Guidice to drown a dog. Through a coordinated effort, Lenny and Clarice managed to arrive at Judge Ronald Swearinger’s (Scientology vs Wollersheim) house. Lenny threw the Collie “Duke” into the pool and “sat on the dog” until the dog drowned.

    Just one of many? examples of Scientology killings pets to intimidate.

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    mandygcruz, hello — good to hear from you! Thank you very much for your comments! Congratulations on your good works with your patients! Regards…?

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    hi rosaryfilm.. its been a long time… i truely glad for you video.. i hoping to see? more of your helpful video.. i always watching your video to share it with my patient here in the philippines. your a blessing to us.

  • rosaryfilms says:

    BlindLed, thank you very much for? your comments!

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