Gambling Addiction?

Question by MommaSchmitt: gambling addiction?
I need help, I have a gambling addiction, does anyone know of any on-line sites that would be helpful. I have been to gamblers anonymous sites, and basically, they confirm that I have an addiction. There are no gamblersanonymous meetings with-in a 2 to 3 hour ride from my home, so I was looking for some kind of on-line support. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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Answer by jon
HELP= go out and gamble and when you win stop. go home and have a party because you won. and you ‘ll never look back.

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Overcoming Gambling Addiction – This straight-talking, empowering video offers essential information on how problem gambling develops, its damaging impact on individuals and families, and how it can successfully be treated. Through candid first-hand accounts from four recovering gamblers, along with illuminating commentary from mental health experts, the program shows gamblers, their families, and therapists: how an alluring diversion becomes a shameful secret as problem gambling takes hold; common myths and misperceptions about gambling–and why ‘winning big’ is so unlikely; the benefits of individual and group therapy and self-help approaches; and ways to overcome setbacks in recovery and make meaningful, lasting changes.


Charges against State Sen. Brenda Council tied to gambling

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“I am truly sorry for my error and I apologize to my family, my contributors, my supporters and to the public,” she said, adding that she is getting professional treatment for “a gambling addiction.” Public problems with gambling are not new for …
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Looking ahead: State Sen. admits gambling addiction; BPI to file defamation

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Looking ahead: State Sen. admits gambling addiction; BPI to file defamation lawsuit … The 2011 Goodfellows fund drive provided holiday meals to nearly 5,000 families and their children, and raised more than $ 500,000 to help families in crisis year round.
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  • Skye =) BLuee says:

    i know the answer to this question cuz i am workin on a project about gambling
    go to this website: they can help or call 18002303505
    hope they can help

  • avidalocan says:

    Gambling is a tax on people who are bad at math because by the most probably scenario (over %99.999999 of the time) is that you will get a lot of small negatives and one or two mediocre wins at most, if you played long enough. That’s why Aesop’s fable said “slow and steady wins the race”. A little here, a little? there, for long enough, totals more than one big win once in a blue moon, always and forever. If you can’t understand that, you can’t add up, and you must have failed basic maths.

  • avidalocan says:

    Let’s go one step further – who would set up a game where they, on average, lost. We know that gamblers like to do? that, but that doesn’t mean that casino owners. do. It’s like gamblers confuse their own psychology with the casino’s – they’re wrong though because the casino has got games that always returns a winning edge to them, while you (obviously, by a logical law) have a game that always returns a losing edge to you, however slight. The two psychologies couldn’t be more opposed!

  • tigerarmyrule says:

    Spot on mate. We essentially agree that the fundamental jop fo rhte gambler who wants to stop is to get acquainted with the inescapable and inevitable mathematical certainty that he will lose because in effect the juice or edge means the game is fixed…as you say it is a legalised rip off scheme. The message to people s simple. If you gamble you will evetually lose. No amount of so called luck or judgment will get round? the mathematical fix in favour of the Bookie.

  • avidalocan says:

    In? the hunger to experience the thrill of the short term “if”, you get involved in a rip-off scheme that has no short term times X “if”, where X = a small number. You ignore long-term loss for short-term gain.

  • avidalocan says:

    Depends what I meant by long term though – if you think a few short terms stitched together is a long term, you might win, but any more than 5 or 6 and you will lose. The thing is though, you lose more than you win, which is the death knell to any business venture. All the permutations are covered to make you lose more than you win over time – the game is built on that. It’s a simple statistical impossibility of winning over a long term, and that term is not very? long either.

  • tigerarmyrule says:

    It’s not “usually” it’s always and inevitable. The House will ALWAYS win. The fact is that the casino/bookmaker has an inescapable mathematical edge built in….call it the juice, the vigorish, the overround, the edge. It is the Bookmakers built in mathematical edge over time. Gambling is not about skill. It is about mathematics and the maths are on the side? of the House. This is inescapable. When gambling one will eventually lose.

  • avidalocan says:

    To add to that, I think of gambling as blocks of short-term time. In one short-term, you might come out ahead, perhaps even two or three short-terms in a row, or more than half. The problem is, when you stack each short-term on the other, to create a long term, the losses will usually, with statistical certainty, outweigh the wins. If they didn’t, the casino couldn’t exist. You are there to keep it existing, under the illusion you might? not lose, when statistically, you always will over time.

  • holynah9 says:

    Like my Dad has always said when i win on the pokies, it’s only a loan.?

  • MaryAlbaugh97689a says:

    This is? REAL – 100% REAL!

    If you do the 15 mins of work – You HAVE TO make money 🙂

    Here it is #— —# <

  • Tonyofleeds says:

    @CarNNNN NO mate your the lowest of the low with a comment like that! so your saying people with loads of cash that play roulette at a casino are better than someone who plays on a machine. i think people who have more cash than sense and choose to gamble when they already have everything are the low ones. also with a comment? like that i think your board. idiot.

  • CarNNNN says:

    These people who play pokies are IDIOTS the? lowest of the low of gamblers. You’re bored and have nothing to win in a machine

  • CarNNNN says:


  • kevinkana34 says:

    Rich people gamble, poor? people gamble, any social class gambles. Its simply a sensation, a feeling , a high of being winner which can lead to the ‘illusion of control’ where we think we can beat the system. Or, when lots of people win, they feel entitled and lucky and they constantly go back to get that jackpot again. This is the mental trap, a state of mind that will lead to destruction. I was a compulsive gambler for 20 years, now i am a CHILD OF GOD. JESUS SAVED ME !

  • DJG009 says:

    LOL hey guy the bloody toilet paper on your chin? is pretty funny…Learn how to shave before u gamble

  • strawberryseason says:

    Right. The casino is victorious either way. When you lose, they get your money. When you win, you get those neurotransmitters firing? in your brain making you feel like you can keep winning. But you go back and you lose again.

  • auctionmusic says:

    …its really very simple…everyone wants? to make an easy buck….the addiction happens when you win once in a while…that is what causes one to keep on trying. If you never won you would quit pretty quickly….occassional winning at gambling utimately causes you to keep losing…that is the irony of it all…..

  • TheOwlcatGirl says:

    Previously still battling my depression & anxiety. Now off anti-depressants due to just finding out Im pregnant on first child. And my partner is a pokie addict. We have gone to 2 counselling sessions but the pressures building on him to step up and be a better partner or man! A role model. I often regret having a little life inside me growing would make me think? that this would be a great push for both of us to be better people. I feel stupid thinking that. I wish i could take it all back.

  • Christizm says:

    Thank you its always nice to have support I was scared to admit the problem because of the ridicule and shame I would feel im feeling much better now that I have admitted it and it feels like? a huge weight of my shoulder worst thing that i did though is gamble money that wasnt mine I wish I could go back but I know I cant I just have to move forward and I can get through this

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