Gambling Addiction?

Question by Answer Girl 2007: Gambling Addiction?
My boyfriend has a history of a bad gambling addiction. It started as a teenager and has continued into adulthood. He’s gone broke b/c of it, but is working very hard to get his life back together.

Other than his past addiction, he’s the perfect guy. He’s so nice, caring, really wants a family and all that.

However, I’m worried once he gets some money again, he’ll start gambling. I really want to break his addiction. We want to get engaged within the next 2 years.

I just don’t want a relationship with him if he starts gambling again. I want him to seek counseling or something.

What are some ways I can go about getting him some GOOD quality help?
I can’t imagine not being with him.

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Answer by ß?ß?
They have groups for that, just like for drugs and alcohol. Look it up.

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  • prothenb says:

    Never expect a potential mate to change. He will always have this problem, to some degree or another. You must adjust your life to accomodate his faults. I suggest seperate bank accounts and a clear expectation of what expenses each is responsible for. Plan for the worst case scenerio, and anything else is a bonus.

  • Flowergirl says:

    There is no one without a problem of some sort and you are an awesome girl to try and get him some help! Try to get him into some sort of counseling if you can,and if not,there are some videos at your local library on gambling addictions. Good luck.

  • virtual.dogsbody says:

    Check here…

    They can help him and they can help you.

    In the meantime, get him to make a promise to himself each morning: I will not gamble TODAY.

  • Robert B says:

    That is his best chance. Lots of great people have this addiction and you can’t help him. He needs to talk to others that have the same problem, that he can relate to. I’m sure you can find a group in your area.

    However he has to admit he has a problem and wants to fix it. If you try to force him he might sink into it deeper. That is the nature of an addict. Whether it is alcohol, drugs or whatever. All you can do is show him the way. I would make a call first and see if you can find someone from the group that is willing to pick him up and take him to a meeting.

    I wish you well and I hope it works out for you and him.

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