Drug Use Wichita: Look to Replace Your Prescription Drugs With Natural Supplementation

Today in our modern American society, in huge contrast to allopathic medicine’s (medical doctors in general) lackluster progress, a small but growing group of individuals has succeeded in reducing their incidence of chronic disease. They are adding healthy life to their years as well as sometimes defeating cancer and heart disease as a major killers. These healthy individuals are really starting to follow strict nutritional guidelines, exercise consistently and and use supplements religiously. Virtually all of us know someone who belongs to this health-oriented group. Largely trying to reject prescription drugs and medications as the key for their health maintenance, they have proven that health can be optimized with minimal assistance from the allopathic medical model.

Did you know that you can find MD’s with the additional degree in homeopathic medicine? They literally have studied for thousands of hours over and above having just their medical degree, all in the pursuit of the alternative journey of natural medicine.

Now, let me be clear in stating that when you absolutely need allopathic care it’s there. However, the difference between the two is this; allopathic treats the symptoms, homeopathic treats the causes. Homeopathic medicine focuses on prevention rather than just fixing current symptoms. I know that is rather simplistic and many MD’s, those practically trained would tell me I’m all wet.

However, I have firsthand knowledge of using homeopathic medicine to treat an internal bleeding problem. I also use homeopathic medicine to treat general problems from low energy, bodily pain and sleep loss. We all have experienced these three problems, and many more.

Following is my list of areas of health that I no longer need to use medications or prescription drugs.

1. Headaches2. Inflammation in hands and muscles3. Joints and ligaments4. Bodily Pain5. Low Energy6. Lack of Quality Sleep

In review, it pays to do your research on those things that afflict you then find alternative natural remedies. I look to treat with homeopathic naturals first then allopathic second, if needed. Modify your diet to reduce your overall fat intake and lastly, get out and exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

I am 54 years old, do triathlons, marathons and endurance running events and I’ve never felt better. I recently completed a hilly 100 mile bike ride in temperatures close to 100 degrees with 80% humidity in Wichita Falls, TX.

Matt Ney is married to a beautiful woman and has 3 teenage girls. Starting with and using natural homeopathic solutions, Matt was able to start home-based businesses to provide himself as well as his family with their own opportunity to generate monthly cash flow. Taking advantage of existing US tax laws, he has also reduced his income taxes allowing his family to save more money for the future. More info on how easy it is to do this; haloofenergy@sbcglobal.net or [http://www.haloofenergy.com]

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