Drug Use, Misuse, Substance Abuse and Drug Dependence


Drug use, misuse, substance abuse and drug dependence – www.youtube.com Learn the differences between drug use, misuse, substance abuse and drug dependence.


Sexual Violence and Substance Abuse: Coping skills and Triggers

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For victims of sexual violence, the risk of becoming chemically dependent is especially high, as they have experienced a trauma that changed their world overnight. Although there are many potential triggers for any person in recovery, the substance …
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Prescription drug abuse gets Congress' attention

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BACKGROUND: Prescription drug abuse – the focus of a recent Telegraph special series – is getting quite a bit of attention at the national level. CONCLUSION: The state Legislature should do its part next year by designating money to fund the …
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  • TheSuperfliez says:

    Wow is he ever cute!

  • ChannelStudioPeace says:

    Marijuana is more harmful than we think it? is. Bravo for stopping its use. Bravo for speaking out.

    Channel Studio Peace

  • AntDX316 says:

    so ur saying because weed helps u psychologically it should be legal for everyone to smoke anywhere smoking is permitted? u suggest there should be a blood marijuana level set for people that if they go over? and drive or go in public too high they should get arrested?

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