Drug Addiction Treatment Minneapolis: Drug Treatment in Minnesota

According to recent data available with the law enforcement agencies, abuse of Cocaine has been steadily on the rise for the past decade. The cocaine that comes from Florida, Texas, LA, NY, and Chicago is converted to crack and distributed by street gangs. Cocaine trafficking has induced gang wars, street fights, prostitution, crime and thefts. Though the figures claim that heroin addiction has considerably reduced in the city, emergency cases in the hospitals keep reporting a number of medical problems related to heroin abuse.

The abuse of Methamphetamine has increased in the past 2 decades. A ban has been imposed on the precursor chemicals used in the production of Methamphetamine. Despite this, law enforcement agencies keep encountering clandestine laboratories all over the state. Marijuana is the second most commonly abused drug among the teenagers of Minnesota. It is largely cultivated and hence it has become increasingly difficult to detect the growers. Pharmaceutical drugs are also being highly abused in the city. An increase in the number of pain management clinics has, in certain cases, posed a threat to some patients, as they prescribe narcotics for addicts.

Several drug rehabilitation programs are being run in Minnesota for adults and adolescents. There are drug detox programs, inpatient and outpatient programs, prevention from relapse, one on one counseling, behavioral therapies, and therapeutic communities, to name a few. It is important for an addict to find a program that is most suitable.

For cocaine addiction it is best to opt for a residential program after completion of a drug detox program. It is important to enroll in a drug detox program for heroin abuse, as the drug is extremely addictive. The withdrawal symptoms of crystal Methamphetamine are challenging and one needs a good drug detox program with a lot of care. Ecstasy and Marijuana might not be physically addictive but a drug detox program apart from therapy is recommended for these as well.

At present, there are over 5,000 gang members with the Minnesota Gang Force Strike Intelligence and over 160 organized gangs as well. As a response to the overwhelming gang war and violence in the city, North Central Division of DEA Mobile Enforcement Teams have been established in the city. 14 Task Force Officers, representing 7 enforcement agencies have also been assigned to DEA in Minnesota. The U.S. Department of Justice Byrne grants money to 23 task forces throughout Minnesota. DEA Regional Enforcement Teams have also been established to further add to the power of the DEA METs at places where there is insufficient local law enforcement for drugs. The Minneapolis Gang Strike Force was created in 1997 to fight the escalating gang wars and street violence caused due to drugs. The DEA participates in this force as well to help curb drug related violence.

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The Life Center – Minneapolis – “Blueprint For Hope” – The Life Center in Minneapolis is a place where we work to change our cities most impoverished & crime ridden neighborhoods, one person at a time. We reach the: -uneducated, -unparented, -undisciplined, -socially challenged, -unskilled and -violent. It is the Life Center mission to build healthy communities using our proven 4-Step Life Cycle System that gives a person the “Abilities” to be transformed from a “Taker” to a “Giver;” making families: -Sustainable -Stable -Reliable


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