Drug Addiction Kansas: Five Step Program to Cure Federal Entitlement Addiction

Texans have spent millions of hours dancing the two-step to Western swing, yielding one hundred percent enjoyment, except when a boot is accidentally stepped on.The dancing partners refer to that as a misstep. At the other extreme are the various twelve-step programs designed for personal healing rather than for pleasure. These are journeys of success but many missteps. One would have to acknowledge that the more personal the journey the more opportunity for making missteps and being diverted.

In our quest to get back to Kansas there are many diversions. Angry Americans are attempting to find the road, not just to Kansas, but to all fifty states Nothing short of a federal intervention program will allow them to rebuild the American dream for their children and grandchildren to enjoy a prosperous future. Einstein was quoted as saying the secret to solving problems is to keep things simple… but not the simplest. Shuffling toward a solution will not be gained by dancing the Texas two-step. But implementing a five-step process will move us from the dance floor and start us on our way toward the real American dream.

Entitlement addiction shares some of the traits of drug addiction. Like drugs, entitlements taken in affordable doses are helpful. When entitlements are given in excess they are harmful not only to the grasshopper generation, but to generations that follow. They also have the potential to kill the financial environment.

The following five steps offer solutions to cure this governmental addiction. Completing these steps will not be easy since the federal government is the drug dealer. Their power is diminished if we kick the habit!

The first step is to produce accountability. We are living a LSD-type trip concerning our real government financial obligations. Drug dealers cook crack – the federal government cooks our books. There has not been an independent financial audit of the federal government or Federal Reserve in over fifty years. The despised Sarbanes-Oxley law mandates an annual independent financial and performance audit of businesses, and holds responsible managers criminally liable; however, it does not apply to the government and the Federal Reserve. The step one amendment should simply state compliance is now required by the above-mentioned parties. No exemptions will be allowed – just cold turkey full disclosure. If the language is longer than a tweet message then the piper plays on and our grandchildren will have a larger debit. In case the value of our paper money is destroyed they will be carrying a debit card because no one will extend credit to America.

Step two requires the federal government to use only generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the preparation of all accounting and financial statements.That would end the government’s freebasing to construct financial information. The language should only be tweetable and state that the federal government and the Federal Reserve will forthwith follow GAAP guidelines. We will not cave in to the pig squeal post-cold turkey withdrawal and opt out of mark-to-market asset valuation.

The third step requires that no law shall be passed that is over one hundred pages in length. If even one more page is needed draft another law. Legislation over one hundred words is harmful to our grand children’s and children’s environment. Current legislation is papering over trillions of dollars of pork, robbing from our grandkids to feed the grasshopper nation.

Step four is simply a requirement that every American citizen pay taxes and contribute to entitlement slop funds. Between the federal government, unions and other porkers fewer and fewer Americans pay the entitlement taxes. When their financial ship sinks and the mythical insurance life boats are found to have holes, they turn to the hard-working law-abiding middle-class to eat from what little is left in their storehouse. When the extra special class is forced to pay for the excessive conduct of the grasshopper generation America’s contributing worker ants will finally receive some help replenishing the storehouse.

Step five requires every elected member of the U.S. Congress to prepare and file their personal federal tax returns. That exercise would be a bucket full of ice water to awaken them concerning America’s real tax problem. The tax code, not the tax law, is now over 70,000 pages. Even a prophet couldn’t interpret the real meaning of a single page. This edifice certainly is not an operations manual for efficient fair tax collection. It is social engineering and control. If elected officials decide that the burden of individual preparation is too much, they are welcome to use the IRS short form. This fifth step will guarantee a change in legislative behavior.

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