Drug Addiction Articles: Drug Addiction Articles Can Be a Great Source of Information

Many articles have been written about drug addiction. This is definitely a plus if you are looking for information about drug addiction and ways to overcome this problem. A quick Internet search reveals over four million articles in the archives about drug addiction.

Why are there so many? Well, because drug addiction is a very real problem in our country affecting millions and millions of people. We are desperate to find information to help ourselves or our loved ones with an addiction problem and these articles are great sources of facts, figures, and helpful tips to help beat addiction.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking for drug addiction information through articles you find on the Internet. First, look at the author. Who are they? What makes them qualified to write an article on drug addiction? Are they credible and reliable?

See if the author quotes specific sources. There is a lot of false information on the Web, and the last thing you need is to get hold of erroneous data. This is especially true if you are looking for self-help ways to heal yourself or others.

Does the article provide real information or is it just “fluff” so to speak. Many writers will use filler words to make their articles look longer and they’re really not presenting you with any new information. Scan the article quickly and see if it’s something that would pertain to you and your specific situation.

Are there any statistics in the article? Data is readily available on drug addiction as studies are constantly being conducted so that we can better understand the problem and find ways to combat addiction. The use of statistics in an article is great, but be sure to look at the date the numbers were compiled. In 2007, a study that was done in 2000 probably will not present reliable information that can help you.

You will want to find a reliable article that can direct you toward finding more information than what is presented there in 500 words or so. Does the article send you to a specific drug addiction website for more information or do they just present the information and that’s that?

For example, if you are reading an article about how to find a drug addiction treatment facility, does the article state any specific facilities that you can look at or do they remain unbiased and not mention anywhere? This is good and bad because you may be looking for a specific name of a clinic but are left on your own to find one. On the other hand, you don’t want to get information from a one-sided source – meaning someone who has an affiliation with a specific facility. Then you are only getting part of the picture, and that part may not be right for you.

Drug addiction articles abound, and they can all be helpful. If you keep in mind these simple tips, you’ll be able to get the information you are looking for when reading that article.

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REAL LIFE DRUG STORY VIDEOS — Drug Addiction Experiences/Teenage Drugs Stories – teenagers addiction of drugs,alcohol and other dangerous substances


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17 Responses to Drug Addiction Articles: Drug Addiction Articles Can Be a Great Source of Information

  • sallyglutz says:

    Marijuana is the only thing that is a? plant…drinking, cig’s, pills, anything else, heck to much asprin…you are dead….there hasn’t been one death b/c of MJ….and funny your body makes what’sin it…I have seen my father in law..with stage 4 pancreatic cancer…the pills made him sick…he couldn’t eat..once he started smoking…he gained over 25lbs…he wasn’t in so much pain….I have seen in for myself……not talking about anything else….

  • tjheathcliff says:

    when i ejaculate inside a young womans vagina with my raw penis i? roar like a lion

  • j0nnyism says:

    vox populshite? this sort of documentary makes me want to top myself in disgust at the abberantly moronic human race. Theyre human? In that case im reclassing myself as a batshit monkey toad

  • j0nnyism says:

    btw heroin? is one of the most commonly prescribed medically prescribed drugs and how many of those people overdose, none

  • j0nnyism says:

    foundation for a drug free world? I bloody hope not. I hope these people never get ill cos if they do theyl be? grateful to the “poisons” that cure them

  • melbrickful says:

    I’m also completely open to the idea that? there is a legitmate place for medical marijuana

  • melbrickful says:

    I agree alcohol is one of the worst drugs ever, but weed can also be harmful. It is psychologically addictive and can negatively impact the ability for a person to fulfil everyday activities e.g. optimal social interaction. In the same manner,? it can have withdrawal symptoms and associated difficulties with attempting to cease use. I have smoked weed socially and occassionally still do, but I’m definitely not going to advocate it and think it’s important to recognise it’s drawbacks.

  • Cigz Much says:

    marijuana??? Rlly? FUCK OFF!!! Natural Plant bunch of dummies.?

  • MrOldtraford says:

    marijuana is not addictive? please lets separate good drugs from bad drugs, drugs that don’t help people in anyway but destroy lives.

  • TheNamesMelo says:

    weed isnt as addictive as people say it is u do? it once u wont be hooked

  • BlackLabelSlushie says:


  • Niki delisle says:

    I love this video!My brother does weed and pills and I’m very against it.I have told my brother I want him? to stop and I cry about it because the more he does it the more he gets pushed away from the family.I am very against any drugs/alcohol because they are not necessities in life.You can have natural highs,like going to church or playing sports.The first time my brother tried a drug he didn’t know what he was taking and almost died.When I got that call I started crying.I’ll never forget it.):

  • EpiphoneAX says:

    These people are all stupid haha drugs don’t ruin lives people’s inability to? have self control or an awareness that they are fucking up thier lives.

  • laminatka1559 says:

    oh yea all this is indeed very “true”. 70% of the factual information is incorrect. And the rest is just pure dramatisation and demonising. ?

  • hownowicecow282 says:

    nah this shit is funny as? fuck im baked also!

  • iGotGameDoU says:

    im recovering from my addiction to percription pills and in high school u werent cool because u did drugs u were cool if u were that kid that always hanged? around the kids who did drugs but u didnt do them u were respected for that

  • 1904BDmonkeyman says:

    Is it? bad that im high?

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