Drug Abuse Facts: An Interesting Aspect on Teenage Drug Abuse Facts

When one begins to read up on teenage drug abuse facts, most of the material you find seems to be focused mainly on the abuse of street drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin and many others, but there is a very important aspect pertaining to teenage drug abuse facts which is very often left unmentioned or accounted for.

We as a modern day society tend to forget or rather ignore one of the very important teenage drug abuse facts and this pertains to the abuse of scheduled medication which most of the time is just as, if not more addictive than common street drugs.

Now most of these types of medications are prescribed by doctors for our teenagers, so how on earth could I possibly say that this is drug abuse. Well the abuse does happen when people take more of the medication than they should be, but in my eyes an even more severe abuse is the abuse the medical world is making of these drugs.

It is becoming far too easy and commonplace for people to be put onto antidepressants, calmatives and any number of other scheduled medications, this might make big money for the drug companies, but I believe it is abuse of our modern day society and that it plays a very instrumental role in laying the foundation for the addictive nature in our modern world.

So when it comes to teenage drug abuse facts, why don’t we rather start questioning the severity of the addictive or habit forming drugs which are being prescribed to more and more adults and children on a daily basis when want to start asking questions regarding the upsurge in the number of teenagers who are abusing drugs.

Our entire modern day society tend to turn a blind eye to this aspect of teenage drug abuse facts as we do not want to be burdened with having to take responsibility for the safety and health of our own children and on top of that the mass media and big business tells us that by giving our children these scheduled medications, we are doing the right thing, we are doing what is best for them.

Most of the time parents will not even take the time to do a bit of research into these medications which are being prescribed to their children because they feel it comes from a qualified professional and therefore must be the best option, but do yourself a favor and read up on the possible side effects and effects of overdose before you simply give your child another prescribed pill.

David Kuhn was a drug addict for a large portion of his life, but has managed to overcome his addiction which culminated in intravenous heroin addiction. He has been ‘clean’ for ten years now and his passion is to help other people understand and overcome their addictions.

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  • Phuryy says:

    100 people died last year? from peanuts.
    0 died from smoking weed (:

  • Phuryy says:

    100? people died last year from peanuts.
    0 died from smoking weed (:

  • Gmanthekid says:


    My response: smoke weed bro.

  • vegito51 says:

    legalize? it

  • vegito51 says:

    yeah man, spread the love?

  • vegito51 says:

    sure do? whatever you want with it.

  • Hopemom1able says:

    I have a nonprofit called “Preventing Teen Tragedy” I am doing a powerpoint for schools RIGHT NOW for schools on the TEEN BRain. May I add your video to it?? THis is well done!

  • Intoactionrehab says:

    The statistics shown is alarming. Drastic but positive steps to help our youth against addiction.?

  • w1Lh0 says:

    have you seen many reports people dying to pot overdose? It’s not poison, and I’m not saying it’s not poison because it’s a plant. I’m saying that it’s really not? poisonous.
    Even an apple is more poisonous than pot.

  • 1fuckitthuglife says:

    i? found this video really useful , can i use it for an english project ? please i would really appreciate it 😀

  • cathyeli says:

    i hate it when pot smokers try to make the argument that weed is not poison because it’s a plant… there are a ton of poisonous? plants out there….

  • osearth says:

    STOP THE LOSS OF YOUTH But it says DRUG overdoses. that could be half bad doctoring.
    Teens that see? a skewed fact are 80 times more likely to not beleive anything pro or preceeding it. !

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