Drug Abuse and Hollywood


Drug abuse and Hollywood – Whitney Houston’s struggle with drugs raises questions about substance abuse in Hollywood. CNN’s Miguel Marquez reports.


10 Reasons Why Addicts Fear Rehab

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The best way to overcome this fear is to learn more about the programs available in various substance abuse treatment centers. This knowledge will give you a sense of what to expect. You would also benefit from talking with recovered addicts to learn …
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MADD Texas Encourages Parents to Talk about Underage Drinking with Teens on

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However, national data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicates that a third of eighth graders admit to drinking, and one in seven sophomores and one in four seniors say they have been drunk in the last 30 …
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Guys Visit us in Substance Abuse Treatment Center.
http://t.co/p3ROPkZf Substance Abuse Treatment Center. – by ShermanWilde (Sherman Wilde)


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Substance Abuse More Stigmatized Than Smoking, Obesity – by SubstaAbuseYYU (Mercedes Evoy)


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@roberthempsall There were 6 of us as well! It was a slow & gradual realization (strange shirts walking up). I blame substance abuse 😉 – by MichaelDiPaola (Michael Di Paola)


5 Responses to Drug Abuse and Hollywood

  • multifariousgemini says:

    It is such a twisted world we live in to have doctors who would lower their greatest obligation to human life due to intimidation. It goes to show that being a doctor is only a title and? a title is not enough to overcome such an emotional state even with the strong evidence of science to support his obligation! (that is one of the unfortunate factors of this horrible dilemma society is facing)

  • MimiZ914 says:

    Hollywood and the entertainment industry is in short, a parasitic and predatory industry. If they can use you they? will and destroy you in the process. This industry is nothing short of plain evil.

  • HAFID80 says:

    marijuana has never killed anyone,then why? this is not a legalize drug?

  • 24osaka says:


  • intermaniax1 says:


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