Do You Ever Completely Recover From Symptoms of Drug Addiction Even After You Quit?

Question by curliesue: do you ever completely recover from symptoms of drug addiction even after you quit?
daughter was heavy into drugs, weed, then cocaine, pills, not sure what else, she quit about 6 ;months ago. now she’s having attacks similar to withdrawal from cocaine. Does this ever completely go away?

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Answer by healthymind
Well, the physical symptoms, yes. But, the psychological, probably not. After being heavily addicted to such harsh chemicals, she will always have to be careful of her surroundings. It will be very important for her to be mindful of the people she hangs around. And, even seeing people using on tv can trigger emotions for her. If she has been clean for 6 months, but is having physical symptoms now, like she did while going through withdrawal, my guess is she has used. It doesn’t take 6 months to detox off a drug.

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8 Responses to Do You Ever Completely Recover From Symptoms of Drug Addiction Even After You Quit?

  • homertime says:

    withdrawal goes away in several days. carving goes on for a long long time.
    no way she could have been using again?

  • Silenssar says:

    The attacks will go away. The AIDS won’t.

  • danger dan says:

    when you have an addiction to drugs or alchol it really never goes away it justs gets easier with time and family support I will tell you that family support is the most important thing for her you might try to get her some counsiling. she can beat this i did!!!!!!!!!!! good luck and god bless

  • oscpressgirl66 says:

    Even after you’ve gone through months being clean from drugs, you can suffer from what’s called “post acute withdrawls” which aren’t as severe as the original withdrawls, but can be very disturbing to someone who’s trying to deal with life on life’s terms. If you continue to stay clean, it will pass. Your brain is basically ‘re-wiring’ itself to function without the drugs and it’s a normal part of recovery. Tell her to hang in there!

  • Emily says:

    Oscpressgirl66 had the answer to your question exactly right. She is going to have to deal with her drug addiction for the rest of her life. Is she going to NA meetings?

  • looks911 says:

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  • dreamingaway015 says:

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  • anniiiilicious says:

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