CPN Interviews Dustin E. of Kansas 1of2


CPN Interviews Dustin E. of Kansas 1of2 – I interviewed Dustin at the Missouri Drug Reform Conference in Columbia, Missouri. Dustin suffers from Behcet’s syndrome, a devastating autoimmune disease. Many of the toxic, life threatening pharmaceuticals that he is required to take daily to preserve his life could be limited or even replaced with medical cannabis. For more information about Dustin and Behcet’s Syndrome, watch for his story on our website at www.cannabispatientnetwork.com. Also, look for us on Facebook. If you would consider sitting for an interview with our team, please contact me at cannabispatientnet@swbell.net.


Romney Adviser: Homosexuality Like Polygamy, Drug Use

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However, it was the statement from Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach which really stands out. Kobach, who is the chief architect of the xenophobic SB1070 law, is an adviser to the Romney campaign on immigration rights, but in this case, he stated …
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Stevia sweetener is the new kid on the block

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When teaching low-calorie cooking classes, she prefers to use stevia because it does not have the metallic taste she detects in other sweetening products – Splenda, NutraSweet, Sweet and Low and Equal. (But she suggests that cooks try different …
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4 Responses to CPN Interviews Dustin E. of Kansas 1of2

  • Stephen Wilhelm says:

    oh yes, and i live? in California , too (sf bay area)!

  • Stephen Wilhelm says:

    Hi! I know you posted over a year ago, but I also have Behcets and have just started using medical marijuana for ease of pain,? stomach problems, eye pressure, etc. I have been on literally dozens of RXs at a time and I am very concerned of their side effects. That was until about 2 weeks ago when i started using pot to see it if would help. It’s the only thing that has cut the pain or at least make it copable.

  • livinluxuriously says:

    I have behcet’s and I am? on imuran and colchicine and was on prednisone for 10 months – as well as 80mg oxycontin 3x daily as well as 30mg oxycodone to be taken every 4 hours or as needed (200 per month). I am 25 and was finally diagnosed at 23 – and the clinic he speaks about I go to (I live near NYC so I see Dr. Yazici of ABDA). I am mostly bedridden. I find marijuana does not help me though.

  • scramble45 says:

    Dustin you? need to move where you can legally self medicate. I hope you do so.

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