Can You Force a 15 Year Old to Enter Drug Rehab (As Their Parent)?

Question by Cassie: Can you force a 15 year old to enter drug rehab (as their parent)?
My wife’s youngest sister is addicted to numerous drugs and openly abuses them. She is only 15. We called a treatment center and they told us that she has to want to enter or else her mother can’t force her to go. I find this ridiculous. Does anyone know if this is true!? I understand not forcing adults but minor children!? Just a sin. 🙁

BTW we live in PA.
Does anyone know if there are written policies or laws saying this? We have drug tested her at home using a test and she was positive for all the drugs we knew she was on.

Even if she chooses to be an addict once she turns 18 that is her business. As her parent her mother should have the right to put her in a program just like if she was ill she would have the right to get her medical treatment.

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Answer by Talitha H
think of it this way, if she wont go, then she wont get better. forcing her to go wont actually help her, see she has to see it for herself
call dr phil he always gets them to “want” to go…. seriously

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8 Responses to Can You Force a 15 Year Old to Enter Drug Rehab (As Their Parent)?

  • [[it's ????]] ??? w???. ??? says:

    Yes, the parents can force them into rehab.

  • love me says:

    yes.her mother can force her to go if the rehab accepts her in. but there’s got to be a good enough reason for her to go there or the facility won’t accept her.

    been there and done that

  • Adorkable Kid says:

    As long as they have parental rights…then that’s a big YES.

  • Michael says:

    Unfortunately, it is true. Well, at least here in the UK is. I agree with you, it is ridiculous.

    I think that under certain circumstances, if the situation is severe enough, the person needing the treatent should be able to be forced into treatment regardless of their age. It is for their own benefit.

    My girlfriend is Anorexic and because she has no intentions to recover, there is nothing anyone could do about it. At 5’5 and barley 70lbs she is in desperate need of treatment but unfortunatley we have been told that unless she agrees to it, it is not an option.

  • DrBill says:

    A parent can force a child or teen to enter a treatment program. The problem is that most drug treatment programs will not take someone in that is being forced.
    a person that does not want treatment will not benefit from it in most cases.

  • Twilight Princess says:

    The reason behind this is probably that rehab isn’t going to do any good for people who don’t want to be there – and, even worse, if you try to force someone to go into rehab for drugs, and they try to do something like sneaking some stuff in, that’s also going to be detrimental to the other people who are in there who actually want to get clean.

    However, you should look around at different treatment centers, or even think of getting law enforcement involved. Some centers may be willing to accept minors who don’t want to go (since parents technically do have the right and responsibility to make those kinds of decisions). Getting the police involved is also an option, since she’s a minor her record could be sealed when she turns 18, and she can be legally obligated to enter a rehab program.

  • kim h says:

    This would be a question for the girls doctor. I would think that your parents could get you treated. Her doctor would know if and how.

  • Junix Phils says:

    Drug abuse is a worsting thing when a young people committed it. If a child start using drugs and he’s addicted at 15 years old. Rehab is one one the medical treatment for the child. As a parents you will decide either forcing him to rehab for his own good.

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