Beta Sitosterol and Hair Loss (Enlarged Prostrate Treatment) Beta Sitosterol and Hair Loss


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Covina police use cell phone to track down suicidal woman

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Covina police tracked down a suicidal woman who took a large dose of painkillers Thursday, then parked her car in Glendora to allow the drugs take effect. A man called police about 10 a.m. … Officials rushed her to a hospital for treatment. An update …
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Should smokers pay more for health insurance is something lawmakers are

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They said they don't want to discourage smokers from seeking cessation programs and medical care and would rather combat smoking by raising taxes on cigarettes. "You put the higher price on … "You don't put a higher price on treatment, which is what …
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Richland man pleads innocent to having child porn

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Budde wanted to try to get sentenced under the special Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative so he could get drug treatment and a shorter sentence. He wasn't, however, aware when he changed his plea that he was not eligible for it, Metro said. When …
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