Are These Panicky Fits Symptoms of Any Kind of Past Drug Abuse?

Question by : Are these panicky fits symptoms of any kind of past drug abuse?
I know that’s kind of an ambiguous question, but I’ve kind of done most fairly easy-to-obtain drugs, so :/. My favorites have been weed, ecstasy, ketamine, opioids (not heroin), and I did coke a lot for just maybe 4 months or so. I’ve done hallucinogens kind of a lot too, though. If that helps.

More and more lately I keep getting absolutely terrified for no real reason and everything gets distorted, either visually, audibly, or both. It’s not like an LSD flashback, I don’t think. It’s like, there’s no specific threat I have in mind, but I’ll just be sitting there, and suddenly I’ll notice something I didn’t before, and just freeze in terror. I’m not exaggerating, either.

For instance just a little while ago, I was on my computer reading something, and suddenly I realized that the light in the room was on. It’d been on for hours. But when I realized it, it was really scary (yes I’m aware this sounds stupid), and I looked around and nothing looked familiar, and somehow in my head it felt like everything in the room had some kind of sinister purpose. Like it’d been arranged to make me think everything was ok when really something terrible was happening. And everything was really blurry, and kind of in neon versions of the colors they really were. There wasn’t really 3 dimensions either, everything was kinda just flat. That one happens a lot.

I know this might sound like a joke at this point but.I swear to God I’m not kidding. This happened about an hour ago and I still keep looking around and jumping at noises. These little crazy fits happen maybe twice a week lately.

I’m 19, I’ve drastically reduced my drug intake in the last 6 months, and I guess I’m just hoping somebody can tell me “aha! This is caused by X and should stop soon”. So if anybody knows anything about this I’ll love you forever.
Oh, I did actually used to be an addict, I didn’t know it at the time but now I do. Especially to opioids. But now all I do is weed maybe 3 times a week and ecstasy every 2-3 weeks or so. I know I should probably stop that, given my tendencies, but ugh.

Also I forgot to mention, ironically weed doesn’t make me paranoid at all and I’ve never had a bad trip :/

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Answer by Onlooker
It could be symptoms of drug abuse or it could be symptoms of mental illness that is driving you to drugs. I think you really need to see a therapist. It sounds like you are at high risk of becoming an addict. It doesn’t matter what opioid you do; they are all highly addictive. The guy who does percocets will eventually be doing them every day, and eventually move on to stronger things, for instance. If think you need to get off all drugs; if you can’t then you are addicted. I think you should see a therapist and probably a psychiatrist to find meds that help reduce your anxiety. You have a serious anxiety disorder, and very often people who use drugs are trying to self medicate even if they’re not aware of that.

At any rate, if you stop doing drugs and take care of yourself (which probably requires therapy, AA/NA, deleting phone numbers of users and dealers, learning relaxation techniques, and developing healthy interests and goals), chances are you will have far fewer symptoms like that which you described.

Answer by M.
Your brain is fried.
Do you think this has anything to do with the multitude of drugs you seem to have used?
I do.