Any Suggestions on Good and Affordable Inpatient Drug Rehab Facilities?

Question by hrnyplygrl: Any suggestions on good and affordable inpatient drug rehab facilities?
I live in cupertino, ca (bay area) and I’m just wondering if anyone knows and good inpatient centers to go to. I partly want to do this for myself but the other part is for court. I’m on the DEJ or deferred entry of judgement which is a 8 or 10 week drug program outpatient though. I can’t seem to make myself go. So, I’m thinking inpatient might be better. It would need to be affordable and also most likely approved by a judge. Thanks!

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Answer by z z
Do you have medical insurance? if so, contact your doctors office and ask them for a referel.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers – Treatment Center PPO Insurance – Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers 888-698-6916 Above It All Treatment Center – Just 2 hours from Los Angeles in Lake Arrowhead is one of the finest drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities in the USA. Accepting most PPO Insurance including Aetna United Healthcare Cigna and BCBS. Interventions, detox drug and alcohol treatment.


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  • EveFeilds says:

    This is such an amazing? video! what strong people!

  • Star Padilla says:

    What’s sad is I’ve known soo many people with similar situations and they were too afraid/scared to get help… thankfully there was a breaking? point and they did get into rehab. What a wonderful group of individuals at Above it All… kudos to all of you for giving people their lives back

  • misskaybear11 says:

    Hey guys!!!! Remember me its Kerri from Louisiana!!!!? I am nine months clean. I love and miss you guys sooooo much. Ya’ll saved my life!!!! Thank you…..thank you all!!! This video just gave me even more support. I would love to hear from yall my e-mail is

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    I? can’t get over how prevalent these issues are and I commend the individuals for getting help and people such as Kory for providing them a safe haven

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