Am I an Alcoholic or an Addict?


Am I an alcoholic or an addict? – Description of common signs that what you are suffering from is an addiction. Emphasis on providing insight into the criteria and addressing a few misconceptions. Simple explanation, intended audience are those questioning their own behavior. Kansas Cafferty, Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Master Counselor of Addictions, MFT Intern, Program Director, True North Recovery Services in Carlsbad, CA


Strasburg Ks 11, Nats complete sweep of Mets

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The big right-hander has 25 Ks in 18 innings pitched against the Mets in his career. Starting for Santana … A back to basics approach to business development · Chris Herren speaks to BPS students about drug addiction · Private Beach — No Trespassing!


1970s NY graffiti artists still have urge to tag

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For him, spray-painting other people's property with his nickname, or tag, is almost an addiction, and danger is part of the drug. Crawling under barbed wire, ducking from police officers, even being shot at is all part of the experience. But with an …
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Drug abusers ditch OxyContin for heroin

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For nearly three years, the investigators have been collecting information from patients entering treatment for drug abuse. More than 2500 patients from 150 treatment centers in 39 states have answered survey questions about their drug use with a …
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