Alcoholics and Substance Abuse AH 1


Alcoholics and Substance Abuse AH 1 – For US enquiries. http For Australian enquiries. In this video you will see why people doing this program never relapse or return to their old ways. It shows what is missing in other programs that accounts for our superior success rate.


Mental health and substance abuse a deadly duo

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CD is when a person is diagnosed with both a mental health and substance abuse issue. By Geoff Zochodne/The Oshawa Express Sarah (not her real name) has depression, anxiety, recently diagnosed borderline personality disorder and an addiction to …
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Woman's Fatal Drug Overdose Ruled Homicide

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Warren is president of Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems, an organization that has conducted exhaustive research on drug overdose deaths in Baltimore. “Heroin has been the most significant driver of overdose deaths in our city for well over a decade,” …
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NCYSAP Encourages Parents to 'Make the Call' and Avoid Dangers of Hosting Teen

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The Needham Coalition for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention campaign aims to help keep kids safe this prom and graduation season. By Becca Manning With prom and graduation season upon us, the Needham Coalition for Youth Substance Abuse Prevention has …


10 Responses to Alcoholics and Substance Abuse AH 1

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes, so very true. Every one of our students have tried to get off themselves or been to other centers and relapsed. This adds to the problem and makes them very uncertain and nervous of trying again. This is always the first hurdle to get? over.

  • LillieGGlover says:

    No matter what form your personal addiction takes, you won’t be able to solve the problem until you let go of denial and justification and admit there is a problem to begin with. While this step is likely to be painful, it is? crucial to your eventual recover.

  • kathleengraves10145 says:

    If? you want to stop drinking and are having trouble doing so, remember, help is available. There are many programs designed specifically for helping people eliminate alcohol from their lives.

  • VictoriaJuanaLight says:

    Seriously I agree, yes it can harmed people who take those medicine/drugs and abuse it.
    Another trouble? came in our life.By the way thanks for the video.

  • ElezabethBiatres says:

    Alcohol? abuse can be dangerous and even deadly, and should be taken very seriously,
    avoiding important obligations like work and school in order to drink is another sign of trouble.
    Participate in support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous so you can benefit from the advice of others who have dealt with similar addictions.

  • Archiesview says:

    The trouble is some residues are still left in their body and come come outb? years later and give them cravings. Yes, they can grit their teeth and fight it but it is much better to get it all out with a good program so even this doesn’t happen. Also there is the matter of clearing up what got them started in the first place. Unless this is addressed with them it can haunt them forever. Something happens today which reminds them of then.This can be cleaned up to so it never bothers them again.

  • JamesESummerville says:

    Even they suffered from addiction but i know they can? recover, doing some physical and mental activities.
    They never relapse or return to their old ways and go for a new life..
    Anyways thanks for this video.

  • MarcosTurn says:

    It’s a sad truth that there are many troubled people in the world? who suffered from addiction.Yes they can go back to there new life and never to relapse again to there old ways.Thanks for this video.

  • MabelMooneyhan says:

    Great video I’ve seen!! Yes that’s true It depends on the amount you take.It may harm people but they are trying to go back to their normal life..Never, go back to their old ways that may cause to? harmed them..thanks for this video.

  • Archiesview says:

    Yes, that’s a good differentiation. It’s like everything in life the amount, or dose, you take.
    Drugs, of course are basically, poisons. It depends on the amount you take as to the effect. A little lifts you up a bit more makes you drowsy and a lot more and you are no? more. What is better than all drugs of course is to be in a state where you have no need for any external chemical support. Life skills training is absent form most rehab programs.

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